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Amazon Prime Video Announces 'The Terminal List' Starring Chris Pratt

Luis Rafael
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Amazon Prime Video Announces 'The Terminal List' Starring Chris Pratt
Amazon Prime Video Announces “The Terminal List” Starring Chris Pratt

The streaming platform has already revealed its next project called ' The Terminal List '. This is a new thriller series that will star Marvel actor ' Chris Pratt', the news has caught the attention of movie lovers who await the comeback of the Hollywood star.

Official Synopsis for 'The Terminal List'

The new military thriller title ' The Terminal List ' began development in mid-2021, in production of the shooting of its first part. The series was created by the American screenwriter 'David DiGilio', and features the performances of 'Chris Pratt', 'Constance Wu' and 'Taylor Kitsch' as protagonists of the official cast.

The story is inspired by the homonymous novel by the author 'Jack Carr' in 2018. It recounts the personal life of 'James Reece', a military man who lasted more than 5 years of service and when he arrives home he takes a hit with the world real. Reece returned home after a failed SEAL mission where his teammates were ambushed.

The military will have to recover his life and bring it to the new normal with the help of his family and loved ones. However, as time goes by, he discovers a new conspiracy that will endanger everyone around him.

'David DiGilio' Reveals New Tracks From 'The Terminal List'

The creator of the series held a virtual press conference, where he stated the new details about the first installment of " The Terminal List ". 'DiGilio' stated that the first episodes of the series will be full of tension and action, from the first moment, where the various unexpected turns of the story will stand out.

Season 1 will consist of 8 episodes that will last 50 minutes per chapter. This will be the first series starring ' Chris Pratt' to mark his debut on the small screen, who will play 'James Reece' in ' The Terminal List '.

Through the official Twitter account of the screenwriter, the first official images of the new installment were published. Where the participation of the protagonist of 'Jurassic World' and the main actors of the cast of the series stands out.

Amazon Prime Video Announces 'The Terminal List' Starring Chris Pratt
First official images of the new installment.

It should be noted that, on May 10, the trailer for season 1 of ' The Terminal List' was released through the Amazon Prime Video content portal. 'Chris Pratt' and 'Jon Schumacher' participated in the co-production of the preview, who will work together as executive producers of the first season.

The thriller series ' The Terminal List' is scheduled to debut on July 1, 2022.