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These are the Netflix series and other streaming platforms that were canceled in 2021

Luis Rafael
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It has happened to all of us. That series that perhaps was not extremely famous, but that we preferred or (actually) was well known, but that, suddenly, did not fit into the plans of the organization responsible for its telecommunication, is abandoned starting with one day and then the next. following.

Some make it past the main season and their elimination goes unnoticed.

Others, paying little heed to their mandate, leave with some restraint and leave an army of amateurs stranded.

And then there are the survivors, those who end up looking for their home in another organization. Each of them has a place in this rare.

These are the Netflix series and other streaming platforms that were canceled in 2021
Canceled Netflix series

It matters the least that Sense8 was one of the most advertised Netflix unique series in its early years or that The Visitor was one of last year's most applauded.

Nor does it matter that Lucifer ended up in one more house after the enthusiasm shown by fans on the networks, nor that NBC has at some point adjusted its perspective when, long after his disappearance, many continue to trust that Hannibal will return one day.

Both television organizations and streaming scenarios, for example, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney + have their purposes behind establishing some option regarding the final destination of their series, normally identified with contact with a particular crowd.

The Netflix, appleTV + and HBO series that were canceled this 2021

It is worth mentioning that, just as there are series of these excellent streaming platforms that have been very successful in their views, there are also series that have not been as successful as they had anticipated.

Consequently, these series have had to be canceled, since they have not had the necessary capital to continue production and have declined.

Next, we gather together the series that have been withdrawn in this year 2021 and that - feeling very sorry - promise to increase in the remainder of the year.

These are the Netflix series and other streaming platforms that were canceled in 2021
AppleTV +

Mr. Corman (AppleTV +)

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the series follows a Los Angeles elementary school teacher who cannot recognize that he is becoming an adult.

While battling nervousness, depression, and a developing doubt that you are a horrible individual, you must become an educator at a major city state-funded school.

Duration: One season, ten chapters.

Hit and Run (Netflix)

American-Israeli co-creation that, graciously, was for some time on Netflix's most famous merry-go-round, although it obviously hasn't satisfied the assumptions of the streaming stage.

It is a reconnaissance series in which a man's life changes as a result of a terrible mishap in which his better half is run over and the driver is in and out of quickly.

Duration: One season, nine chapters.

The Outpost (CW)

The CW has reported that the end of the fourth season of The Outpost will also be the authorized denouement of the series, and has done so just three weeks before its broadcast on the opposite side of the lake.

We bid farewell to the history and excursion of Talon, the last standing of the Blackbloods race, as he attempts to exact revenge on his family's executioners while wielding his celestial powers.

Duration: Four seasons, forty-five chapters.

Generation (HBO Max)

HBO's teen series Max has stayed close for its first part. Created by Zelda and Daniel Barnz and directed by the acclaimed Lena Dunham, Generation is the tale of a reunion of high school students and their excursion of self-discovery through worship, sexuality and companionship.

Duration: One season, sixteen chapters.

Everything will be fine (Freeform)

Everything is going to be fine follows Nicholas, an unreliable twentysomething who focuses on his two younger relatives after the unexpected death of his father.

The three relatives must adapt to the new circumstance and structure a particular family. The parody made and starring Josh Thomas (Please like me) is accessible in Spain on Movistar +.

Duration: 2 seasons and twenty chapters.

These are the Netflix series and other streaming platforms that were canceled in 2021
Amazon Prime Video

Panic (Amazon Prime Video)

Adapted from the novel of similar name by Lauren Oliver, who has also assumed responsibility for the series as director and showrunner, Panic is a youth adventure in which, in the style of 'The Hunger Games ' but set in our days, a gathering of young teenagers becomes interested in a risky challenge.

Willingly, yes, since for whoever wins it there is a delicious monetary reward that could change them completely and allow them to leave the town behind for the last time.

Duration: One season and ten chapters.

Damn (Netflix)

After about 12 months, Netflix has chosen to abandon the dream series starring Katherine Langford and manage the retelling of the legend of King Arthur in a renovated structure.

Duration: One season and ten chapters.

Lovecraft Territory (HBO)

Regardless of its large audiences and the way the season was briefly reloaded, HBO has chosen to pull out and not make another portion of the variation on the similarly named Matt Ruff novel.

Duration: One season and ten chapters.

bonding (Netflix)

The satire follows Tiff and Pete, two former high school classmates who revert to classmates when they meet again, long afterward, in downtown New York.

Be that as it may, their lives have changed, especially for Tiff, who is currently an eminent dominatrix in the city.

Duration: Two seasons and fifteen chapters.

Country Comfort (Netflix)

The story follows Bailey, a hopeful young country artist who ends up taking a job to care for five children of a prominent rustler named Beau after her career and life spiral terribly out of control.

Duration: One season and ten chapters.

In the pits (Netflix)

The Kevin James parody follows a Nascar auto shop technical director who doesn't get along very well with his polite young colleagues who have been hired to redo the shop.

Duration: One season and ten chapters.

Mr. Iglesias (Netflix)

The parodic series follows Gabriel Iglesias, a popular history educator who insists on restraining his substitute students from succumbing to torment and believing to the best of their incredible abilities.

Duration: Three seasons, twenty-one chapters.

Good Girls (NBC)

The NBC satire starring Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman has finally fallen. The first story follows three money-stricken moms who decide to end their struggles by shoplifting with a compressed air rifle.

Duration: Four seasons and forty-three chapters.

Grand Army (Netflix)

Released in 2020, it was for this present year when Netflix chose to put aside its adolescent series where its young heroes must fight for progress, be free, achieve and make their future their own in a world that is self-destructing little by little.

Duration: One season, nine chapters.

Dad, cut yourself a little! (Netflix)

The satire starring Jamie Foxx has experienced Netflix scissoring.

The series follows the story of a single father named Brian Dixon who leads a very decent life, because of his job. In any case, his life takes a turn when, out of nowhere, he must face fatherhood when his young daughter moves in with him.

Duration: One season, eight chapters.

The Moodys (FOX)

This parodic series is an American transformation of the Australian A Moody Christmas and follows the story of a loving but abnormal group of five people. They all decide to meet in Chicago for a great excursion, however, not everything goes well.

Duration: Two seasons, thirteen scenes.

Manifest (NBC)

In this series, Montego Flight 828 manages to land safely after an excursion that has been a real bad dream. However, once on land, they are stunned to find that they have not seen their loved ones for a long time.

Duration: Three seasons, twenty-nine chapters.

Jupiter's Legacy (Netflix)

It was presented as Netflix's The Boys, however, it has finally ended up going down the channel after its first season despite the money it has cost the streaming stage.

Created by Steven DeKnight and with Josh Duhamel among others, the fiction is set in this current reality in which a hero has assumed responsibility for public power.

Those in charge of fighting the system will be the descendants of the original of the individuals with superpowers, who will have to contribute their inheritance to continue with the work.

Duration: One season, eight chapters.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (NBC)

In this melodic parody, Jane Levy plays Zoey Clarke, a software engineer who, from one day to the next, discovers that she has a gift, surprising as it may seem: she can meet the opinions and needs of others... yes, always through melodies.

Duration: Two seasons, twenty-five chapters.

The Irregulars (Netflix)

In this 'adolescent' reassessment of the universe by Arthur Conan Doyle we follow the story of a gathering of lonely young men who become the instrument of an evil Doctor Watson and his accomplice, the well-known criminal investigator Sherlock Holmes, to solve extraordinary crimes.

As the alarming cases are solved, the heroes understand that behind them is a dangerous noxious power that compromises the final destiny of humanity.

Duration: One season, eight chapters.