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Arcane Season 2 Confirmed

Luis Rafael
3 min read

The "Arcane" series is one of Netflix's animated series that has millions of views and has a large community of viewers.

The streaming platform stated that it had already agreed with the director of the animated fiction to make the new episodes for the next installment.

Since the news was published, the media have not stopped having Arcane as their center of attention. All the followers are demonstrating via Instagram cheering the next season and asking their questions for the creator of the famous animated series.

Since the first season ended, many people were left with a lot of intrigue and await the premiere of the following season.

The release date of this new season It had not been published, neither by the creator of the series nor the Netflix platform, but a second season was confirmed.

Arcane Season 2 Confirmed – TV Series – WebMediums
The premiere of the second season of Arcane has already been confirmed

When is the second season for?

Although the famous animated series premiered its first season a couple of months ago, it has already been confirmed that the next season will be published through the streaming platform, at the end of 2022.

Having become one of Netflix's hits, it didn't take long for “Arcane: League of Legends” to have a later season.

The next production began just after the main season finished circulating, the second part of the scenes would have to appear before December 2022.

Uproar delivered a teaser informing of the sequel that it was a dialogue between Caitlyn, Vi, and Jinx.

What will the plot be like for this next season?

Ideally, the second season should continue the plot in Piltover and Zaun, after what happened between the sisters Jinx and Vi. That implies that a similar cast of voices should be repeated in the new scenes, and also that the plot does not move to one more district of Runeterra.

Sisters Vi and Jinx actually have a ton to determine after their last experience, as do Jayce and Viktor. In this new season we are going to see a lot of action, and we are going to notice how both characters resolve all their conflicts.

Additionally, fans are starting to come up with their own theories about what to expect by the end of 2022.

The teaser left everyone with a lot of intrigue and several scenes were left open for interpretation and some have already begun to publish their stories about the new plot that the series will have that will be available for next year.

The character Singed had a more notable presence in the third scene, indicating that his set of experiences with Warwick will be further investigated in the following season. The same could happen with Heimerdinger and Ekko, without prejudice to the possible appearance of other characters such as Camille or Orianna.

The creator of the series stated that the voice actors will be the same, since he wants the essence of Arcane to be kept alive.

In addition, he stated that in this new installment we will see excellent character developments, and we will see a dilemma that Caitlyn and Vi will have to go through.