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The best Turkish series that have made history in the world

Luis Rafael
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In this article we are going to show you which are the best Turkish series that stand out in the industry and that you can watch on Netflix, Nova, Divinity or Antena 3.

Since Fatmagül arrived in Spain, the Turkish series have been a difficult bombshell to clarify, and have become a practically exceptional television marvel.

It has been a long time since they arrived in Spain and they currently top the audience rankings above even public fiction.

The growth of Turkish films on streaming platforms

Every year Turkey markets almost 100 creations to 156 nations, from the Middle East and Asia, to Latin America and Europe, passing through the United States, where Resurrection has made a solid niche for itself: Ertugrul, on the beginnings of the Ottoman Empire in the 13th century, after the most watched worldwide, The Magnificent Century, which portrays the existence of Sultan Suleiman.

In any case, there are numerous series that have triggered the crowds around the world and that unexpectedly show a current reality in which the strength of men wins over ladies and masterful relationships.

The best Turkish series that have made history in the world – TV Series
The best Turkish novels and series

It is clear that romantic tales are still successful works of art.

However, these come when the "sanctuaries" of the drama, Mexico and Colombia, have altered their themes of the history of the rich and helpless young woman to address themes identified with the change of their social orders.

The 15 best Turkish series on Netflix and Antena 3 that have triumphed

We have ranked the best Turkish series that have been delivered and they have achieved a lot of acceptance in the public. We are sure that you have hooked on Woman, however, perhaps you will now find another drama that excites you.

1. Courage of a woman

The wonder of the year in Spain and the best Turkish series in the country.

It tells the story of Bahar, a lady who was abandoned by her mother when she was just 8 years old.

Many years after the fact, in a snapshot of extraordinary depression, he meets Sarp, whom he is frantically infatuated with.

After a couple of long periods of happiness together, Bahar is heartbroken and has only two things left to stick with: her children, Nisan and Doruk.

2. 'Love 101

'Amor 101' takes place in the last part of the 80s, in the mid-90s, when we meet four children who contemplate in a high school in Istanbul, Eda, Osman, Sinan and Kerem.

The children are somewhat strident and out of school, and there is a firm decision that they drop out of school.

There is only one person who supports them, the educator Burcu, for whom unfortunately there are moving plans.

Young people will come together to ensure their... Holding a demonstration? No. By marrying her so that she can choose her own destiny. This is one of the main Netflix ones, with a single season and eight 40-minute scenes.

3. My daughter

Taking advantage of the “Woman” trend, Antena 3 chose to premiere another Turkish series in ideal time. It appeared at Christmas and is currently broadcast on Sundays on Antena 3.

Öykü, an 8-year-old girl lives in the house of her mother's companion, her aunt, who, having a rare disease called Niemann-Pick, does not want to continue dealing with her.

He abandons her and gives her the location of her father so that she can proceed to live with him; Demir, a frivolous and delinquent who has recently been captured, and does not realize that he has a girl, must figure out how to reluctantly be a dad to Candan.

The best Turkish series that have made history in the world – TV Series

4. Fatmagül

The first and extraordinary Turkish series that has progressed in Spain, to the point that Antena 3 has organized a Spanish version with Elena Rivera.

Fatmagül is a lady who lives in a beachfront town with her brother Rahmi and better half Mukaddes.

Among her efforts is that of marrying Mustafa, with whom she is locked up. He is a young fisherman who works in the urbanization of the house where they will live respectively after the wedding.

Among the occupants of the town is Kerim, the metal worker, who was raised by the healer after being abandoned by his father and abandoned by his mother. Like every late spring, the young man wishes to meet his three wealthy companions, Selim, Vural and Erdoğan.

5. Masum

Attractive eight-scene Turkish miniseries starring Cevdet (Haluk Bilginer), a resigned policeman who is quietly living out his retirement with his partner on a farm, far from the city.

Everything goes wrong when both are involved in an enigmatic murder full of mysteries.

Try not to give up in the event that you discover that something lethargic is starting, as the story arrives and works until an inquisitive consummation. The sections build the story with "flashbacks" that are not of weight and that portray the plot according to the point of view of each character.

6. The Gift

In case you like book-dependent series and movies, you should know that 'The Gift' is a transformation from the novel 'Dünyanın Uyanışı' by Turkish author Şengül Boybaş that focuses on Atiye (Beren Saat), a young painter who She leads a practically ideal life in Istanbul, which is going to premiere a presentation, with a movie family and a suitor she will marry.

The best Turkish series that have made history in the world – TV Series
Billboard of the best Turkish series

7. Crossing

The most heartfelt and dramatic proposal of our choice is 'Cruce', starring Ibrahim Celikkol, a well-known Turkish entertainer in his country who was an expert ball player and model.

It offers life to Ali Nejat Karasu, a former racing car driver and incredible seducer who has reused himself as a money manager, taking care of his rich dad's organizations, despite the fact that his real adventure is dispatching a supercar.

Ali Nejat will travel to Italy with his closest companion and there they will both meet a young and optimistic pediatrician, and Ali will make a revelation that will change his life for eternity. This is a Turkish series on Netflix.

8. Avlu. (The backyard)

In the purest style of the best suspense series, this Turkish fiction has a horrifying story, that of a family that lives quite quiet except when the father has a wild behavior.

In a battle, he shoots down his partner and the girl and ends up being killed.

To assure the girl, Deniz, the wife, denounces that she is responsible for the wrongdoing and ends up in jail.

Prison will be an exceptionally rough and wild place and you will have to do a wide range of stunts to endure and see your little girl from time to time.

A one-season, two-part Turkish series in which we will see the ability of individuals to cope in one of the most exceedingly horrible circumstances, those of the truly alarming Turkish detention centers.

9. Kara Para Ask (Smuggling Love)

Actually, we don't have a reasonable meaning of this Turkish series : abnormal? Funny? Strange? Mad? So it's up to you to judge this captivating series in which a double homicide unites two individuals who have never met.

The best Turkish series that have made history in the world – TV Series
Turkish series and novels

The girl of a wealthy Istanbul family and a police chief. To cope with it, not only will they have to help each other without knowing each other, but they will also be involved in a large number of pre-established implications that you will find it difficult to believe.

10. 50m²

Starring Engin Öztürk, this Turkish series, which for the moment has just premiered its first season, is an exciting journey that tells the story of Sombra, who, while searching for answers about her parents to gain dexterity with reality regarding her past, finds a tenuous mystery identified with Servetus.

The individual who has insured him all his life and for whom he works, and is forced to change his character in a neighborhood of Istanbul.

Thus, this series of tension is about obtaining renewed opportunities throughout daily life, but above all about how to exploit them well (and without biting the dust in the effort).

11. 'Fatma'.

Fatma (Burcu Biricik) is a remarkable housewife, or if that's what each and every individual who hires her thinks.

Be that as it may, as a general rule it is also an imperceptible executor, since it does not leave a trace. How did you get to this point? It was not foreseen, since the first of his misdeeds happened by chance, while he was examining on his own the whereabouts of Zafer, his missing spouse.

Crushed by misfortune and realizing that the expanding influence of the results of her activities cannot be stopped today, she decides to unleash her dangerous vein to achieve her goal - discovering her better half - while managing the wounds of long ago. From the past. This is one of the most amazing on Netflix, it has probably the best plot and has a ton of perspectives.

12. 'Feriha's secret'.

It is one of the most amazing that tells the story of Feriha Yılmaz respectively living with her family as occupants in the basement of a rich structure in Etiler, an elegant area.

Due to his determination in his research, he gets a scholarship to learn at a college for young magnates.

When she appears she becomes the center of attention, including from Emir Sarrafoglu, a boy magnate who dates numerous young women who are cheerleaders and models. Feriha lies and professes to be a tycoon.

13. Hercai.

Hercai depends on a novel composed by Sümeyye Koç. Reyyan is the granddaughter of the Şadoğlu family, probably the most deeply-rooted in Midyat.

Although his father Hazar and his uncle Cihan are important figures in the huge family, the true pioneer is his grandfather, Nasuh.

Nasuh has abused Reyyan, being in any case more circumspect with his cousin Yaren. The justification is that Reyyan is not his natural granddaughter.

Ignoring this reality, Reyyan goes horseback riding and when Miran's vehicle approaches, the pony freaks out and Reyyan falls. Miran goes crazy for Reyyan and might want to marry her. Thanks to this news Yaren can take revenge on Reyyan, since he takes away his affection.

14. 'Medcezir'.

It is a free variation of the American television series The OC, released in 2013.

The series tells the story of Yaman, a young man who lives with his mother, brother and stepfather in Tozludere, an underprivileged area of Istanbul.

Yaman never runs into difficulties and is a persevering and fighting young man. In any case, one day he is associated with the theft of a vehicle at a service station by the fault of his brother Kenan and ends up being captured and detained.

15. 'Kara Sevda'.

Also called 'Eternal Love', it is communicated in Spain through Divinity. It focuses on the unimaginable love between two young men, Kemal and Nihan. Kemal is the son of a working class family and a Mining Engineering student. Her life is constant and exhausting until Nihan, a privileged young woman, enters her life in her senior year.

The two young men start an extremely serious relationship, the class distinction makes their affection incomprehensible. Despite being a confused love, they manage to be together until one day Kemal has to move to another city for work.