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Chuky returns in 2021 with a series to fill the new generation with fear

Luis Rafael
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Chucky will officially make his appearance on October 27, and you can see it on Star +, obviously we all know the horror that was the last reboot that this franchise had, completely messy, and erratic, leaving only a complete box office failure.

But we cannot deny that giving a new air to this story can be that unexpected touch that makes it rise to the top again, since we were used to the classic horror story.

However, they must make sure and make an effort, since the series must find its own identity in order to set a precedent with an enveloping story and be able to achieve the success that it aspires so much.

Chuky returns in 2021 with a series to fill the new generation with fear
Chuky returns in 2021 with a series to fill the new generation of horror fans with fear

Chucky's story will now have more comedy and less horror

In addition to that Chucky in this 2021 no longer monopolizes the horror market, right now there are dozens of horror series and remakes that may be similar, he must compete to be able to take the place in the rankings.

So far it is known that the program manages to combine all the above and although it does not sound really smart of its part, it is enough to be attractive.

Or at least something macabre, funny and obviously a correct adaptation of the original franchise is the most sophisticated thing they can do right now, it is something curious that an unpretentious series and not really being ambitious enough, has much more positioning than other franchises more lavish.

But we still do not lose hope, Don Mancini himself, writer of the original film, is the creator of this series.

He made a series of aesthetic and plot decisions making this series become a kind of peculiar experiment.

In the new Chucky series the voice of the diabolical doll will be interpreted by Brad Dourif

To start with the surprises, Don Mancino brings us the original voice of the devilish doll, Brad Dourif ; the actor's spectacular vocal work leaves us with an obvious sense of threat that at the same time deceives on the part of the doll, undoubtedly one of the best points of this series.

One of the greatest qualities he has is that he can make anyone tremble with fear with his vocal precision, Dourif lets us remember what was one of the darkest twists of the '88 film. The obvious twisted, macabre and mocking vitality of Chucky.

However, Mancini makes a bold, but also questionable decision to reformulate various elements that were found in the classical story, turning what we knew into something more.

The series avoids a total reinvention of the character (As happened in the 2019 version of Lars Kleyberg, one of the most criticized by the public) by making the character take on a character of curiosity.

In this new project the creator decided to experiment with the plot of Chucky

The creator assumes that for Chucky I take into account everything that is currently important in the world of terror. At the same time that it allows the story to bring out new elements that add interest to the possessed doll that we all already knew.

But, as with any story with some kind of cursed object that is cherished, Chucky is also a glimpse into the past and what connects it, making the mystery even greater. By the time Mancini got to talk about the project he made one thing clear, Chucky is not looking to innovate or surprise viewers, it is only more refreshing by being a smaller and twisted version.

As we know from his previous installments he doesn't always do it, but he still has all the knack to create a wonderful path for the best clichés that are known in this long franchise.

The new Chucky series aspires to be as successful as its classic films

But for better or for worse, Chucky has returned to the screen in 2021 and obviously does so with a savage ferocity that goes from the most brutal of the gore to the supernatural, the series will surely cause nightmares with ease.

One of the points in favor of the entire Chucky saga is its ability to stay on a cruel joke. The claustrophobic take on childhood and the secrets of horror made it an obvious classic of the genre. The series makes the effort to be able to continue in that same line, and obviously it succeeds.

Especially when the chapters of the series little by little add on the general idea of what Chucky can really be. Is it an example of evil itself? A fun concept about the sinister?

The Chucky series is not going to answer questions no matter how hard you look for them. But if you put some refreshingly new, like any new delivery. The entire saga creates a world of reference with the most incredible moments making it more insidious than it seems.

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The series decides to make the decision to be self-aware, so the creator Mancini has the suspicion that the audience has some information about the history that the character of Chucky, known for years, can involve.

But as always, the many franchises that have been released on the demonic doll have made him really lose what is known as his point of origin.

Giving the opportunity to show what he really is, the series approaches Chucky from his original way, making it clear that he has come prepared to show what he can do, Chucky 2021 the series, is one of the most exciting things you can expect in the frame of horror gore.

During the journey of how Jake is taught to kill, being guided by Chucky, the entire journey to absurd terror makes everything much more extravagant. But that's what people were really looking for with this series, this series brings things that nobody says, but everyone admires from a series.

Nobody directly asked for a series that had the ability to delve into the universe of the well-known and famous horror genre, especially in the branch of the absurdly terrifying that is what we can observe throughout the development of this series.

But perhaps it was necessary to give a well-deserved refreshment to the current horror scene, many are tired of the clichés and other things that today's series can bring us, terror needed an improvement in quality, for that very reason, right now it came. Chucky with a mission to achieve it, a mission that he fully achieves.