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Kanye West and Drake are going to work together for a new show

Luis Rafael
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On Saturday, November 20, the rapper from Praise God reported that Drake will accompany him as his special guest at the presentation of his next show, ending the long fight that gave much to talk about between the two artists.

The show will take place at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, December 9. According to its coordinators, the occasion is expected to "raise awareness and support" the incarcerated Chicago gang pioneer Larry Hover, as well as "the reason for the jail change and conviction."

Kanye West and Drake are going to work together for a new show
Famous rapper Kanye West and Drake are going to work together for a new show

Kanye West "Ye" Speaks Out His Words About His New Show

"I accept that this occasion will not only bring attention to our motivation, yet it will show individuals everywhere how much more we can accomplish when we put our pride aside and come together." Ye said in an interview about her upcoming concert.

Tickets for the benefit show were sold this Monday, November 22.

Drake and Ye leave their rivalry behind and decide to collaborate together

The celebrity now known as "Ye" is trying to do what he says everyone else should do. He is mature enough to recognize his mistakes and turn the page.

On November 8, he strove to end his competition with Drake by welcoming the rapper to perform with him at the upcoming benefit show in a video posted to music leader James Prince's Instagram.

"Both Drake and I have assaulted each other, and it is an ideal opportunity to enjoy some free time".

"Ye" has shown his admiration for Drake through the media

Four days before his welcome, Ye also communicated his deference to Drake during the Drink Champs digital broadcast.

"I love Drake, I was just letting them know things that he was doing in an expert rap game that was confusing me. And then, okay, I poked his ear, and that's what happened, it was Mike Tyson."

However, that does not mean that the two have been consistently in acceptable condition. The common history of artists has been fraught with hints, tweets, conciliatory sentiments, and more over the course of the past few years.

That is reminiscent of 2018, when Ye went to the media on the network to vent after discovering that Drake had stopped following his ex-partner Kim Kardashian on Instagram, amid fan hypotheses that she was the 'Kiki' which he referred to in his hit single "In My Feelings".

The famous Kim, who has since requested legal separation from West, denied the stories and Ye subsequently deleted the tweets.

Plus, it kept going since the year 2021 began. Just three months earlier, in August, after Drake obviously referred to Ye as a "burned out" while appearing on Trippie Redd's Betrayal tune, Ye reportedly posted the issue. From Drake's Toronto Street via Instagram.