Netflix announces the renovation of a 4th Sex Eductation season

Luis Rafael
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The goal is there. Just need to netflix affirm the restoration of the sensational parody for a fourth season.

Until further notice, Asa Butterfield, which plays Otis, admitted at a meeting that he provided for Cosmopolitan UK, who could not imagine anything better than making a fourth time of the series. "I could not imagine anything better than to do a fourth season, since we had a good time in this series. At the same time, we have been doing it for a long time, and I would love to say goodbye to these characters... we'll just have to wait" he pointed out.

In the third part, Hope presents himself in Moordale totally determined to save the position of the school and considering that he seems to have the best goals, his techniques are not the most appropriate, because not only does not pay attention to the students, but also imposes severe direction and clothing guidelines. Meanwhile, Jane discovers her pregnancy to Jakob and, even though at first they do not want to be honestly involved, the treatment alters her perspectives and will live together, for disappointment of Otis and wave.

While Eric and Adam experience his feeling with the difficulties he entails, Aimee finds female liberation, Ola and Lily do not have decent compatibility, Jackson falls in love with the new substitute, but moves away from his partner, and Ruby reveals him to Otis that You adore.

Netflix announces the renovation of a 4th Sex Eductation season

When will the fourth season from "Sex Education" be released

The third time of "Sex Education" It does not have a premiere date on Netflix, however, it is very likely that the new scenes appear in the second 50% of 2022. Even though everything will depend on the start of recording.

Perhaps restoration will be displayed towards the end of 2021, which implies that they could begin to record in the first long periods of the following year and proceed with the subsequent creation measure until mid-2022, finally, download the new scenes towards the Final next year.

On the other hand, at the meeting mentioned above, the star of "Sex Education" He also discussed the possibility of making a parallel project, "it would be acceptable, however, it must be examined thoroughly and truly unique and not only to make a parallel project"

What will happen in the fourth season of "Sex Education"?

Towards the end of the third season of "sex Education", Maeve must go to contemplate, but before leaving you say goodbye to Otis. Meanwhile, Eric, who kissed a boy more in Nigeria, cuts his friendship with Adam. Like Eric, Aimee chooses to put aside her boyfriend to be herself again and overcome her experience.

After Moordale's substitutes harm Hope's chance, the school may disappear. Likewise, Jean receives the DNA test that Jakob mentioned and, by the response of him, they are not encouraging news.

What will happen to school? Will the main characters have to look for another school? Will you be Otis and Maeve finally together? Will Isaac surrender? Will Eric regret the choice of him? What does the approach between Adam and Eric's EX mean? Will Ruby begin to go out with another person? What will happen to Jackson and Cal? Will Jakob be Jakob's father? How will they manage?