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October 2021 brings new series and movie titles to the Amazon Prime Video index

Luis Rafael
3 min read

Among the main film premieres we discover the Amazon Original film The Green Hair, which bets on another story within the popular legend of King Arthur; while the narrations My Name is Pauli Murray and Justin Bieber: Our World will also see the light.

In addition, how could it be otherwise, the puzzling substance is guaranteed in the Halloween period, with the presentation of four new films of elements that emerge due to the joint effort of Bloomhouse and Amazon, Welcome to the Bloomhouse II.

October 2021 brings new series and movie titles to the Amazon Prime Video index

Top Movies Debuting on Amazon Prime Video for October 2021

This year Amazon Prime Video has great things prepared for all its viewers; In this article we want to show you the best of the content of this streaming platform.

The Green Knight

Original Amazon film coordinated and composed by David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton that will only be accessible on stage.

It tells the story of one of the knights of the incredible Round Table of King Arthur, Sir Gawain, a brave man who decides to recognize the demand of a Green Knight who puts the best knights to the test and who will remain faithful to his obligation: who Recognize you will get a similar after effect one year and then one day.

Premiere: October 28.

My name is Pauli Murray

Narrative film centered on Pauli Murray, a non-double African American and a key figure in the battle for balance during the 1940s.

Murray dedicated her life to the legal profession, something in which she was a pioneer; and his activism assumed an important role in the governmental dynamics on equity, rights, racial isolation and sexual personality.

Murray also devoted himself to verse and his work and method of seeing life greatly affected other extraordinary activists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Premiere: October 1.

Welcome to Blumhouse II: Bingo Hell

The second piece in the series of element films that Bloomhouse and Amazon Prime Video have jointly made opens with Bingo Hell, a heartbreaking story starring a 60-year-old dissident named Lupita.

She discovers with dread that since the bingo hall where she used to appreciate the nights has changed ownership, individuals continue to color in strange conditions.

Premiere: The first of October.

Welcome to the Bloomhouse II: Black as Night

The second installment of Welcome to the Bloomhouse II is Black as Night, a story set 15 years after Hurricane Katrina crushed New Orleans and which is used to hit the city like a vampire pandemic.

The hero of the story is Shawna, a young woman who, to take revenge on her mother, decides to enter the vampire castle to annihilate her boss and return her captives to their human structure.