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"Sort Of": HBO Max Series Debuts November 18

Luis Rafael
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The filming follows the excursion of "Sabi Mehboob", a young LGBTIQ woman who moves between different personalities.

At first, she is a waitress in a bookstore, then the youngest girl in a huge Pakistani family. Until you get to the real mother of a family of fashionable people who live in the center of the city.

Certainly the girl has multiple personality issues, something that will make this series quite interesting, and we delve into each of these stories.

Sabi feels like she is experiencing significant change in all parts of her life, from sex to worship, sexuality, family, and career. A growth story, “SORT OF” found that the names we once emptied into no longer apply... to anyone.

"Sort Of": HBO Max Series Debuts November 18 – TV Series – WebMediums
"Sort Of": HBO Max Series Debuts November 18

Directing the comedy series "Sort Of"

The next HBO Max series was written by "Fab Filippo" and "Bilal Baig", plus one had the selection at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2021, Max's original satire, "Sort Of", premieres its eight parts on Thursday, November 18 through the HBO Max platform.

The directors and official producers of the series are "Fab Filippo" and "Bilal Baig". The same ones who were in charge of creating the scripts and the history of the series, since both have already worked as directors in other installments, therefore, they decide to carry out the executive direction of the series.

The main objective that the creators of the series have is to innovate in the world of entertainment by showing the various problems and adversities faced by people who suffer from multiple personalities and have different sexual orientations from the rest.

Baig affirms that "many people take these types of cases for unnoticed because they are not very common, however, they still exist, and we must highlight more stories of this type to make people become aware and have more empathy and consideration", Baig concludes.

About the production of "Sort Of"

Made with investment from the Canada Media Fund, the series comprises Nelu Handa, Baig, Jenn Engels, Filippo and Ian Iqbal Rashid, and coordinated by Renuka Jeyapalan and Filipp. This from the executive direction of all the personnel in charge of filming.

In addition, the famous Julia Sereny and Jennifer Kawaja who are part of "Sienna Films" are other production companies that join the work of the series. Sort Of is promoted worldwide by Abacus Media Rights and Sphere Media, who are in charge of global agreements.

The next series "Sort Of", is exclusive to HBO Max and the CBC network, is a joint work between Sienna Films / Sphere Media, HBO Max, CBC, Canadian public television, and is broadcast in Canada on the program "CBC Gem "in real time on October 5 and on CBC TV on November 9.