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Super Mario Bros will be releasing its new movie in 2022

Luis Rafael
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Super Mario Bros is the most acclaimed video game franchise in the entire Nintendo industry, one of the best classics.

The game has become so successful since the last decades that they have decided to release the new Super Mario Bros movie for this next year, and it will have an excellent cast.

This new film about the mythical Italian character will be produced by Nintendo in collaboration with Universal Studios. One of the most acclaimed animated films of the year 2022, it will feature one of the best animations, the best protagonists and an excellent production.

Super Mario Bros will be releasing its new movie in 2022 – TV Series
Super Mario Bros will be releasing its new movie in 2022

Who will be part of the cast of the Super Mario Bros movie?

One of the most impressive attractions that the Super Mario Bros series has prepared for this new project are its supporting actors, It will have the voices of Chris Pratt, who will be in charge of doing the voice of Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy as the Princess Peach and Charlie Day as Luigi.

Chris Pratt is one of the most global film actors in the world, known for making Marvel and Universal Studios films. The actor claims to feel very honored to be able to play Mario in the new movie and is very excited about this new project.

The actors will interpret the voices of the film in their original language (English), it will be an animated film.

So far it has not yet been reported about the other languages in which this long-awaited filming will be dubbed, possibly in a couple of weeks more information about this will be released.

About the characters

Many people are making their own theories about the plot that this new Nintendo movie will have; So far it is known that all the characters in the franchise will appear, including Bowser, Toad, Wario and Waluigi.

This news has excited millions of people who love Nintendo games, this promises to be one of the best film adaptations in history.

How many Super Mario Bros movies have they made?

It is important to clarify that this will not be the first time that the Italian character will leave video games on the big screen.

Previously, the filming that deals with the classic story of Mario Bross has already been made, however, it was not so successful at the time.

Super Mario Bros will be releasing its new movie in 2022 – TV Series
Super Mario Bros

This film had its debut in 1993, the original title of the film is "Super Mario Bros", at the time it came out it was the first adaptation of Mario to the big screen, and they expected it to be a success at the box office, however, the plans didn't happen that way.

From the moment it was released in theaters, the film garnered a great deal of criticism from fans of classic video games themselves.

Since, the editions were terrible and the plot did not meet the expectations of the viewers, but with the passing of time its fame increased.

This will be the second official film about the Japanese video game, the director of this project plans to make an excellent work that meets everyone's expectations and can become one of the highest grossing animated films of the decade by 2022.

Release date

The new title that the film will have is "Super Mario Bros. Animated Film", so we can find the film and differentiate it from the 1993 film. The filming of this new project will begin at the end of this 2021, in order to make the premiere of the movie in December next year.

Although they indicated the month in which they plan to make the filming debut, they do not have an estimated release date. Since, this depends on the development time that takes them to production and the mishaps that may happen over time.

Nintendo plans to make future installments of the video game franchise

One of the visions that the creator of Mario Bros games has always had is to expand his story through all media and industries, until he achieves his desired success.

For this reason, "Miyamoto" mentions that he intends that this new film is the beginning of what will be a next series of films about the plumber from Italy.

One of the greatest wishes of the great Japanese businessman is to get Mario so famous as to continue in the world of cinema.

To continue with all the projects you have in mind about the most acclaimed games of your company.

He also stated that not only does he have in mind to film his most successful game, he also wants to make deliveries of other of his favorite games from loyal Nintendo fans.

This means that soon we will be able to enjoy the best films inspired by the most remote stories of Miyamoto's games. In addition, he has already begun to hold meetings with the most influential film producers to make the final touches of his new filming.

Currently, it is making alliances with the producer of the movie "Los Minions" who will be part of the board of directors of this new project. This is all the information regarding the best elaborated project of "Miyamoto".