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The 5 best Netflix soap opera series

Luis Rafael
5 min read

Almost no category of television shows has as many followers as dramas and soap operas. A great TV genre that has been winning for a long time, it has transcended generations and makes everyone stay glued to the small screen.

Everyone wants to see if in the next episode they will realize what is going to happen with the story, if someone is going to die, if love is going to win or that it is going to go against everything.

However, there is no reason to be waiting until the day or the following week to see the continuation, since, in this article we are going to add the best soap opera series on Netflix that we can all see from the platform at any time during a marathon.

5 best soap operas that can be seen from Netflix

Next, we are going to teach the 5 best soap operas that can be seen from Netflix.

1. "Passion of hawks"

You are one of those who starts to sing when "Who is that man...?" This is because you are perfectly clear that " Pasión de gavilanes " is not only one of the most amazing soap operas on Netflix, it has been a legend of all time.

In any case, one of the best known. In it, we will get more than 200 episodes of a Colombian drama that was broadcast in Spain in 2005 on Antena 3 and that you can now watch in full from Netflix.

The 5 best Netflix soap opera series – TV Series – WebMediums
"Passion of Hawks"

We cannot clarify the whole plot of Pasión de gavilanes since it is somewhat extensive, but the story begins with three brothers, the Guerrero Kings, who try to claim the death of a friend or relative.

However, in the middle of their mission of revenge, the three brothers end up starring in a wide range of stories of affection and pain with the Elizondo sisters.

2. "Betty in NY"

The 5 best Netflix soap opera series – TV Series – WebMediums
"Betty in NY"

Beatriz Rincón and Armando Mendoza are the protagonists of the well-known series "Yo soy Betty, la fea". In Spain, we had the option of watching the Yo Soy Bea form with Ruth Núñez and broadcast on Mediaset with more than 700 scenes that we saw from 2006 to 2009.

Telemundo's interpretation is “Betty en NY”, as a variation of the Colombian creation, but with the same plot that you surely know.

Armando Mendoza acquires the position of his father and will be responsible for the organization. To do this, you will require another secretary. It is about Beatriz Rincón, another secretary who is nothing like what he expected.

She is a long way from being the secretary to be expected in a fashion organization, but Betty is crafty and highly qualified for the job. Despite being constantly embarrassed, she will try to make a place for herself in the organization and win the hearts of her associates.

3. "Without breasts if there is paradise"

The issue "Without breasts there is no paradise" was possibly the best known series of the late nineties. Also, if you remember her with singular affection, you can see her spin-off on Netflix "Without breasts, there is paradise."

A series that has several hundred scenes and that offers us a world constrained by the mafia, retribution and family shipwrecks. Catalina is the protagonist of this series, a young woman who was conceived the day her most beloved sister was murdered.

The 5 best Netflix soap opera series – TV Series – WebMediums
Without breasts if there is paradise

Her life is altered by the lack of her sister and Catalina will have to face a wide range of internal events and a wide range of characters who will try to deal with her as they see fit.

Among them, La Diabla, who will try to get the young woman to undergo a medical procedure to offer her virginity to the surprising drug dealers.

4. "The Queen of Flow"

One of the most amazing melodic series on Netflix and one of the most outstanding soap operas La “Reina del Flow”. The story introduces us to Yeimi, a road craftswoman and artist who was unreasonably secured in jail by her ex.

The series is set 17 years after the fact, at which time Yeimi has discovered how to escape from prison and currently his fixation will be to take revenge on his previous accomplice: Charly, the (attacker) of his arrest and a well-known artist today.

The 5 best Netflix soap opera series – TV Series – WebMediums
The Queen of Flow

La reina del Flow is a Colombian dramatization that initially circulated on Caracol Televisión and has more than 80 scenes accessible on Netflix.

If you like music, this is perhaps the most ideal option for you. However, beyond the road rhymes and the current, there is no lack of spectacle, love, envy or revenge, as well as absolutely contagious melodies and a plot that will hook you.

5. "The end of paradise"

Without breasts, there is paradise is a spin-off of Without breasts, no paradise. In addition, like this, The end of paradise is a continuation of the last one mentioned, ending one of the best sagas of Gustavo Bolívar's books.

Made by Telemundo and Fox Colombia, the telenovela has about 82 of the best episodes in total on Netflix, and it works as a kind of end of the past that maintains similar characters and a very similar cast of actors.

The 5 best Netflix soap opera series – TV Series – WebMediums
"The end of paradise"

To know what happens to her or to see insignificantly what happens in this soap opera, we prescribe you to see the past.

It all started in "Without breasts, there is no Paradise" In which Catalina is a young woman who chooses to look for someone with gifted cash to pay for breast augmentation, a medical procedure that she longs for, as an existence of extravagance.

Thus, he enters a business of prostitution, drugs and sex, and it is very difficult for him to get out of that terrible world.