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The Apple TV platform will premiere the Korean series “Dr. Brain "

Luis Rafael
3 min read

" Dr. Brain" will be released on November 4 through the streaming platform Apple TV, a film based on one of the most iconic webtoons of the time that bears the same name.

It should be noted that this same date will be the launch of Apple TV in South Korea, for that reason it occurred to them that releasing the series on the same date would be a good strategy.

It will be directed by Kim Jee-Woon, one of the great directors of the Asian continent. In addition, it will star Lee Sun-kyun, one of the protagonists of the Oscar-winning film "Parasite".

The Korean series "Dr. Brain" from Apple TV will only have 6 chapters

The first season of the series of Korean origin will have 6 chapters only, which will be progressively available from its premiere date, they plan to publish it on November 3 in North America and will be published on November 4 in South Korea. It promises to be one of the best series of this 2021 of the Apple TV platform.

Since, it will be the first Korean series produced by the streaming platform and now with the inauguration of its services in South Korea this will have a great impact on the views of “Dr. Brain”. In addition, this will be one of the largest communities on Apple TV, and it will cause an exponential increase in the number of subscribers of the company.

The Apple TV platform will premiere the Korean series “Dr. Brain "
The Apple TV platform will premiere the Korean series “Dr. Brain "

This will be the first series to be in Korean language on the streaming platform

On Apple TV, the vast majority of movies and series can be seen in English and Spanish, however, this time the Dr. Brain series will only be in its original language (Korean).

This is quite innovative news for the company, and this also gives the series greater prestige, since it will retain its essence.

When will all the chapters of Dr. Brain be released?

The director of the series made it clear that the first premiered on November 4 in South Korea, but many people wonder when they will be published in the rest of the episodes of the series.

After episode 1 of the series, the rest of the episodes will be published 1 each week so that people can enjoy it little by little and maintain that suspense and intrigue that everyone loves.

The final episode of the season is scheduled for December 10, this will be the last day that the series will premiere episodes of the first season. This is what the director of the famous series Dr. Brain mentioned a couple of hours ago.