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The best Christmas movies for kids on Netflix

Luis Rafael
4 min read

Many people wait for Christmastime to be able to enjoy warm time with the family, since we are usually busy for the day, and we do not have as much time to entertain ourselves the rest of the year.

Therefore, on these dates we take the opportunity to see the best Christmas movies with the smallest of the family and live magical moments.

Christmas movies are among the best, intended for both children and adults in the house, offering us several hours of fun in front of the screen, from the comfort of our home.

However, there are a lot of movies of this type, and we do not know which ones are the best to watch during the holidays.

For this reason, below, we are going to show which are the best Netflix Christmas movies to enjoy with the whole family and enjoy the best audiovisual experiences.

The best Netflix Christmas movies

"Arthur Christmas: gift operation"

The best Christmas movies for kids on Netflix – TV Series – WebMediums
Arthur Christmas: gift operation

This movie is one of the funniest of this style, an excellent option if you want to have a lot of fun with the little ones in the house and enjoy an excellent story full of adventures and lots of magic.

It is a British film that deals with the journeys of Mr. Claus, who gave his son an important mission in the secret facilities of "Santa Claus."

The goal of Claus's son (Arthur) is to deliver a lost gift to a little boy on Christmas morning.

Throughout this film we will be able to observe all the adventures that the protagonist must live to achieve the important task that his father gave him.

This is a movie that can be enjoyed by people 7 years and older, a Netflix original production that has caused a great impact on the platform in recent weeks.

"Nightmare Before Christmas"

The best Christmas movies for kids on Netflix – TV Series – WebMediums
Nightmare Before Christmas

This is one of the classic Christmas movies that everyone knows, obviously this season could not miss the famous movie directed by Tim Burton in the Netflix Christmas programming.

The story is based on the Jack Skeleton, where the king of "Halloween Town" decided to kidnap Santa Claus to carry out one of the craziest ideas of all.

Your goal is to deliver the Christmas and Halloween gifts together, one of the never-before-planned projects in all of Halloween Town.

It is worth mentioning that the famous Christmas movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas" has been available on the Netflix platform since 2015 and can be seen by audiences of all ages.


The best Christmas movies for kids on Netflix – TV Series – WebMediums

It is important to mention that this film is one of the most recognized in the Latin and Spanish community, since this is the first Spanish animated film on the streaming platform, this film won excellent nominations for the “Goya” awards, being one of the most successful of Netflix's Spanish productions.

"Klaus" narrates the story of the Christmas star "Santa Claus" and his story and relationship between a postman and a toy producer in his factory.

Unlike the rest of the Christmas films, this time we observe an approach directed to the life and history of Santa Claus and the whole process of making toys for children.

"The polar Express"

The best Christmas movies for kids on Netflix – TV Series – WebMediums
The polar Express

This film was one of the highest grossing films of the year 2001, being a Christmas success that has managed to captivate millions of children and adults, offering an important moral about the relevance of humility and love to the family.

The story tells about a little boy who loses faith in Christmas and thinks that it is all a hoax that does not matter. Then he meets a train conductor who promises to take him to the North Pole to make him believe in the magic of Christmas again.

Throughout the film we see how the protagonist creates bonds with the rest of the train passengers as they arrive at their destination experiencing great adventures and inconveniences along the way.

This Christmas classic is directed by “Robert Zemeckis” one of the best-known animated film directors in the Hollywood industry.

This movie is an excellent option to enjoy with your children while you share a hot chocolate and have fun in front of the screen.