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The best short series we can get on Netflix

Luis Rafael
8 min read

We all love to enjoy an entertaining afternoon while we watch a good series, but, we do not always have the necessary time to see the whole story and almost always we only end up watching a small part, since the series is too long for a short time what we have.

However, for all problems there is a solution and in this case it is the Netflix short series, they are the perfect alternative if you want to see a good story distributed in short chapters.

In addition, some of the series that we are going to teach next can be finished watching in just hours.

This type of series aims to entertain users by offering them a series with excellent scripts, scenes and casts that can be enjoyed even in a single day, without having to wait for new seasons or any complement that leaves us with intrigue.

Therefore, in this article we are going to present which are the best short series that we can see on Netflix to know which one to choose when sitting on the couch.

"The time I give you"

This is an excellent romance series that stars “Nadia de Santiago and “Álvaro Cervantes”, it was produced by Netflix and its premiere was in 2021.

The plot of this series takes us to the love story between Lina and Nico, both from the first moment they met they felt an unparalleled chemistry.

From that moment he has begun to live his love life together, however, little by little they lose their love and everything begins to fall apart.

The best short series we can get on Netflix – TV Series – WebMediums
"The time I give you"

In the series, the process in which all their love is lost until it breaks up is perfectly detailed, it is a series that has many dramatic and romantic complements, excellent for people who love movies.

The most impressive thing about this wonderful series is that each chapter is between 10 and 15 minutes long. Chapters don't usually last long, perfect for people who don't like to spend a lot of time staring at the screen.

It consists of 1st season only, calculating the duration time, the series can be seen in 3 hours only.


For the Special series there was the cinematographic direction of "Ryan O'Connell" who was also the protagonist of the story. The series is inspired by the biographical book written by the actor, one of his best works as a director.

The series Talks about a homosexual man who suffers from cerebral palsy, however, it is not complex at all.

Throughout the entire series we can observe how the man's life was, everything that he had to go through and how he felt in the process of his growth while facing all this.

His paralysis is due to an accident he had, from that moment he had resigned himself to living a simple life due to his situation, but he was not the person he wanted to be.

The best short series we can get on Netflix – TV Series – WebMediums

Therefore, one day he made the strong decision to make a radical change in his life to live it to the fullest and get closer to happiness.

This series has 2 exceptional seasons, they managed to triumph on Netflix as one of the most entertaining biographical series and with the most views. Each episode of the series had lasted approximately 14 minutes, this was the case throughout the course of its first installment.

Since, at the time they released the second season of Special, the episodes began to last a little longer, they were now 30-minute episodes. This caused the total hours of the series to be more.

It is worth mentioning that, this complete series from beginning to end can be seen in 5 hours.


Bonding is a Netflix original series, known for being one of the best science fiction series from the great screenwriter and director “Rightor Doyle”.

This series had its debut in 2019, since its inception it was very successful, then the creator gave the great news that he would make a new season.

An interesting fact was that, in this year 2021, the creators of the series decided to put an end to the story by canceling the series completely.

In this way they have finished the whole project for no concise reason. This cancellation left all Bonding lovers with a lot of sadness and doubts.

The best short series we can get on Netflix – TV Series – WebMediums

The plot is about the story of 2 faithful friends (Tiff and Pete) who had their reunion in the best way of all. They meet again in New York City, that happened a couple of years after finishing high school.

After leaving high school, Tiff started working like a real dominatrix and made a living that way. On the other hand, Pete steeled himself and after so many years he confessed that he was homosexual, later Tiff proposes to his friend that he be his assistant at work, and he agrees.

This story is one of the most important projects that Doyle has done, it has garnered several Emmy Award nominations.

" Bonding" is one of the most acclaimed Netflix short series of all, the entire series has a total of 15 episodes and each of them has a duration of 19 minutes.

"This shit is over me"

It is a series produced by Netflix is based on a story of fiction, comedy and a lot of drama, it is an excellent mix that will give you several hours of entertainment.

"This shit surpasses me" has only one season, since the creators of the series announced its cancellation due to the global pandemic, it barely has 8 chapters in total and each episode of the series lasts 20 minutes.

The best short series we can get on Netflix – TV Series – WebMediums
"This shit is over me"

The story reveals Sydney's daily life, she is a girl who cannot fit in at her school and is always looking for a way to be a normal girl. He also has many problems at home, he also has to deal with his dysfunctional family.

She begins to meet a boy who lives near her, and she begins to develop feelings with him, later she begins to discover that he has a special superpower, "telekinesis."

"This shit surpasses me" is one of the shortest series of Netflix to be able to see the entire series we only have to spend 3 hours in front of the television screen.

"Bruno's walks"

This is one of the most emotional and adored series on the entire platform, if you are a comedy lover and want to watch a series while eating or doing any activity that requires little time.

Since, "Los Paseas de Bruno" only has 8 chapters and each of them has a duration of 15 seconds.

"Los Paseos de Bruno" was the winner of the category "Best Short Series" at the Emmy Awards in 2019. The story tells about Malcolm is a normal citizen who lives in Brooklyn and his best friend is a very charismatic puppy that will accompany you in all your adventures.

The best short series we can get on Netflix – TV Series – WebMediums
"Bruno's walks"

Malcolm basically lives for his friend, since he affirms that it is the most important thing in his life and that is why he does everything for him. The protagonist's priority is Bruno, it is as if he were a brother to him, but then he will realize that people see Bruno as a simple dog.

This causes a bewilderment in Malcolm's mind, and he begins to fall into reality.

This is an ideal series for someone who wants to see an entertaining story of just one moment, since this is one of the 10 shortest series on Netflix. Watching the entire series only takes 1 hour and 50 minutes, it is perfect for people who have little time to entertain themselves.

"Love, Death & Robots"

Without a doubt, this is the shortest animated series on Netflix, despite having 2 seasons, the episodes of this series are very short. This series has something that makes it very different from the rest. Since, it is anthological and this means that the chapters do not have a canonical background.

Each episode of this amazing series has a different plot and genre, one chapter can be comedy, another can be drama or romance. In addition, to make each episode they perform different animation techniques making each chapter have an original touch.

The best short series we can get on Netflix – TV Series – WebMediums
"Love, Death & Robots"

It is important to note that, despite being an animated series and the cartoons look adorable, this series is exclusively for adults.

Since, in it, we are going to get various scenes where we can witness violent and sexual content not suitable for the little ones in the house.

"Oats Studios"

The "Oats Studios" series is another anthological type, perfect for people who do not want to see the whole series and only want to see an episode sporadically. It has only 10 episodes in which we will see many unique adventures.

In each of these chapters we are going to witness the best visual experiments that were performed in a post-apocalyptic world, after everything collapsed. We will be able to observe how a species of extraterrestrial lizards begins to make its migration to planet earth.

The best short series we can get on Netflix – TV Series – WebMediums
"Oats Studios"

After this terrible event all people desperately try to flee from this place and find a way to survive this terrible invasion of lizards.

"Oats Studios" is positioned in the first 5 shortest Netflix series in the fiction category, with a duration of 2 hours in total, if we analyze the sum of the 10 episodes of the series.