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The fourth season of "Selling Sunset" is not confirmed yet.

Luis Rafael
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It is important to mention that, the third season of "Selling Sunset", a reality show series that follows a group of artists as they explore their own lives and those of the experts, debuted on Netflix on Friday, August 7, 2020.

However, the clients of the streaming platform are requesting a new season from now on, as it left several issues unfinished and all its followers are waiting for them to be resolved at the beginning of the fourth season.

The fourth season of "Selling Sunset" is not confirmed yet. – TV Series
Will the Netflix series “Selling Sunset” have its fourth season?

What happened in the previous seasons of Selling Sunset?

While in the opening eight scenes the Oppenheim Group specialists offer extravagances to the wealthiest buyers in Los Angeles, and bring out their torments when the new young woman appears; for the second season, the tension is colossal and the agents mix the delight and the business with an exaggerated dramatization.

In the third season, huge changes take place in the Oppenheim Group following the closing of a major deal, prompting women to evaluate their career options.

Also, a specialist is facing a breakdown. That is why many wonders will there be a quarter of "Selling Sunset"?

About the fourth season of Selling Sunset?

To date Netflix has not relaunched a special statement affirming the filming of the fourth season as well as its renewal. However, the way the last scenes ended there is a good chance that season four will come out.

For her part, “Christine Quinn”, one of the members, stated during an interview with Graziathat that the cast is usually informed about a season renewal just when the previous one ends.

Christine Quinn talks about Selling Sunset in Graziatha

"We usually meet after the show airs, you know, we hear some data, some reports. With the most recent season in the top 10 [on Netflix], I think they are certainly going to re-elect us for a next one," the actress noted.

However, it also showed that "everything has been postponed due to COVID-19. We are shooting within a year, currently, as I have heard. We have such an important creation, there are so many people in our team. I don't think we will shoot this year." Christine Quinn finished.

Rumors also indicate that, despite Netflix wanting to follow the reality show, some characters will not return for the fourth part of "Selling Sunset". Among them the real estate agent Maya Vander, since going between Florida and the Los Angeles studios was a lot for her and her young family.

The date that is planned for the fourth season

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that affected the production of numerous television programs, in the event that Netflix announced the new season of "Selling Sunset" for a fourth season, it would not be presented until late 2021 or even early 2022. 2020.