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The new Prime video series and movies arriving in July 2022

Luis Rafael
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The streaming platform has already announced its new content program that it will be publishing progressively over the next few weeks.

The new Prime video series and movies arriving in July 2022 – TV Series
The new Prime video series and movies arriving in July 2022.

Prime Video has managed to dominate the small screen industry due to its exclusive series, original documentary productions and its extensive catalog.

On this occasion we are going to show the official teasers and relevant information about the new releases that will debut on streaming. Among the most anticipated titles on Amazon Prime Video, the following stand out: 'The Croods: A New Era', 'Scream', 'The Final List' and 'Angel Nieto: Four Lives'.

The 12 best Prime Video productions premiering this month

In this section, we are going to reveal the best Prime Video series and movies that will arrive throughout the month of July 2022, through the streaming platform.

1. 'The final list'

This is the title of one of the most anticipated series by subscribers of the platform, after the premiere of its official trailer that reached 950 thousand reproductions. The production was created by showrunner 'David DiGilio', the cast is starring 'Chris Pratt', 'Constance Wu' and 'Taylor Kitsch'.

1. ‘La lista final’.

The story is inspired by the homonymous novel by 'Jack Carr' created in 2012. It follows the life of 'James Reece', a man who returns from war and decides to spend the rest of his days with his family. However, the man takes a hard hit with reality when he gets home, seeing that everything has changed a lot.

'Reece' will make the decision to retire from special operations and spend time raising his children and recovering psychologically from all the war crimes. Things start to get complicated when he receives news of a conspiracy that endangers the lives of his loved ones.

The premiere of ' The Final List ', the new original production of Prime Video, was scheduled for July 1, 2022.

2. 'The Croods: A New Era'

The movie 'The Crood: A New Era' is one of the most successful animated productions of 2020, which will debut on streaming soon.

The film was created and directed by the American screenwriters 'Dan Hageman' and 'Kevin Hageman'. Starring 'Nicolas Cage', 'Ryan Reynolds' and 'Emma Stone'.

2. ‘Los Croods: Una nueva era’

The plot again introduces the crazy prehistoric family that often cause disasters throughout nature. 'The Croods' are a clan that is characterized by their sedentary life and tend to be distrustful at all times. On the other hand, little 'Eep' is a young adventurer who likes to break the rules.

In this new film, we observe the arrival of a new modern family that begins to mark the evolution of humanity. However, the old-fashioned leader 'Grug', begins to think that his new friends are upsetting the order of his family and begins to devise a sabotage plan to take his family.

The premiere of " The Crood: A New Era " is scheduled for July 8, 2022 on the content portal.

3. 'Angel Nieto: four lives'

This is one of the most interesting documentaries on the Prime Video platform, it has managed to increase the hype and the teaser has a score of 90% on 'Rotten Tomatoes'. Created and produced by 'Carlos Cardús' and starring 'Ángel Nieto', 'Marc Marquez' and 'Giacomo Agostini'.

3. ‘Ángel Nieto: cuatro vidas’

This is a documentary miniseries that focuses on the personal life of 'Ángel Nieto', the Spanish motorcycle racer who made history. The man was the only driver in all of history who has won 13 consecutive titles and managed to get the best sponsorship contracts in the country.

Throughout the episodes, unpublished content and testimonies from their families talking about the athlete's career are revealed. In addition, they reveal the secret formula that he implemented to balance his career with his personal life "The four fundamental pillars of Ángel Nieto".

The docuseries ' Ángel Nieto: four lives ' will be streaming from July 22, 2022.

4. 'Scream'

' Scream ' This is the title of one of the most recognized horror movies in the film industry, this time it will be returning to Prime Video streaming.

The production was created and directed by filmmaker 'Matt Bettinelli-Olpin' and 'Tyler Gillett'. Starring 'Neve Campbell', 'Courteney Cox' and 'David Arquette'.

4. ‘Scream’

The story begins in 'Woodsboro', in its original version the city experienced a true nightmare after the series of murders that were committed by the mysterious adversary. On this occasion, we will observe the survivors 25 years later, when they come home to start reliving the memories.

Although the threat had already been annihilated and banished from the city, a new assassin is born who will shock everyone with his misdeeds. The man decides to use the same 'Ghostface' mask and his new objective is to kidnap a group of young people to reveal dark secrets of 'Woodsboro'.

The premiere of the new thriller film will be available on July 12, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.

5. 'Paper Girls'

' Paper Girls ' is the title of the new series inspired by the homonymous comics created in 2010, it is an adventure fiction that will impact all users of the platform.

The film production was created and directed by 'Sofia Rosinsky'. Starring 'Camryn Jones' and 'Riley Lai Nelet'.

5. ‘Paper Girls’

The plot is set in the 80's shortly after Halloween, follows the lives of 'Erin', 'Mac', 'Tiffany' and 'KJ', inseparable friends who start working as newspaper delivery girls. One day their lives will take an unexpected turn after being victims of a time loop that made them travel through time.

The young women find themselves in a post-apocalyptic alternate world where war predominates and they will have to find a way to survive. In addition, they will have to find a way to return to the present and decipher a secret enigma in order to return everything to normal without affecting space-time.

Prime Video 's original series ' Paper Girls ' will be hitting the small screen starting July 29, 2022.

6. 'Haikyu!!'

' Haikyu!! ' is one of the most watched anime series in Japan, this time it will be coming to American streaming to present its new episodes. The anime was created and written by Japanese illustrator Taku Kishimoto and Takuya Sato. Starring 'Ayumu Murase', 'Kaito Ishikawa' and 'Satoshi Hino'.

6. ‘Haikyū!!’

The story recounts the life of 'Hinata', a young high school student who has a fondness for sports and possesses extraordinary abilities. One day, he advances in school and begins to be part of the volleyball team, since he began to feel love for that sport after watching the television games.

Despite all of 'Hinata's' talent, the young man begins to have difficulties on the court due to his short stature. But, this is not going to prevent him from continuing in the world of sports, he is summoned to his first match against 'The King of the Court'. From that moment a great rivalry will be born that will last for years.

The new anime production ' Haikyū!! ' will premiere its first seasons from July 15, 2022.

7. 'Rubius X'

The Prime Video platform focused on the production of new docuseries and stories inspired by real events, as is the case with ' Rubius X '. The docuseries was created and directed by the Spanish showrunner 'Armando Villanueva'. The cast is headed by 'El Rubius' and 'Andrés López Medrano'.

7. ‘Rubius X’

The documentary is about the tenth anniversary of the first video of the Spanish youtuber known as 'El Rubius'. During each of the episodes, interesting aspects about the influencer's channel are explored, details about his life and YouTube statistics are analyzed.

The docuseries is made up of 6 50-minute episodes, in different formats we will see 'El Rubios' talking about his goals and interesting information about his creative process. It should be noted that it will feature influencer appearances, such as 'Auronplay' and 'Ibai'.

The new Prime Video original documentary will be hitting the small screen starting July 22, 2022.

8. 'Supernova'

This is one of the best drama and romance series in the film industry, this time it will be coming to the small screen for the first time. The film was created and written by British screenwriter 'Harry Macqueen' and the cast stars 'Colin Firth', 'Stanley Tucci' and 'Pippa Haywood'.

8. ‘Supernova’.

The production narrates the life of a married couple 'Sam' and 'Tusker', who have been together for more than 20 years and have lived happily ever since. The lives of both will begin to be complicated after a medical diagnosis of 'Tusker', which indicates that he has Alzheimer's in its first phase and seriously affects their relationship.

To fix things, 'Sam' decides to go on a road trip with 'Tusker' to visit all his friends, family and loved ones in his 'RV'. Both begin to live beautiful moments together and discover facets that they had not known before, including their future projects that go their separate ways.

The premiere of the new tape ' Supernova ' will mark its streaming debut from July 8, 2022, through Prime Video.

9. 'The Good Doctor: Season 5'

This is the title of the most watched medical drama series on the streaming platform, with a fan community of 80 million viewers.

The production was created and directed by the American filmmaker 'David Shore' and starred 'Freddie Highmore', 'Nicholas Gonzalez' and 'Antonia Thomas'.

9. ‘The Good Doctor: Temporada 5’

The story follows a young surgeon who suffers from Savant syndrome and is one of the brightest minds in the medical center. This is one of the most peculiar syndromes in the world, known as 'sage syndrome', which allows the young man to have a photographic memory and unique abilities.

'Shaun' managed to graduate from medical school despite all the difficulties, he did not have an easy childhood and often has problems with his parents. The young man is one of the doctors at the 'San José St. Bonaventure Hospital', one of the most prestigious institutes in the United States. You will have to face big problems.

The premiere of the fifth season of " The Good Doctor " will arrive on July 15 at the platform portal.

10. 'Bloodshot'

The fiction, action and adventure series ' Bloodshot ' has increased its hype since its theatrical release, with a rating of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. The footage was created and written by screenwriter 'Jeff Wadlow' and 'Eric Heisserer'. Starring 'Vin Diesel', 'Eiza Gonzalez' and 'Sam Heughan'.

10. ‘Bloodshot’

The story follows the life of 'Ray Garrison', an army soldier who suffered a mishap in battle and was one of those killed in combat. However, the authorities do not accept his death and decide to bring him back to life as a war machine, thanks to the nanotechnology of the company 'Rising Spirit Technologies'.

From then on, the man will have the new identity of 'Bloodshot' and his new goal is to acquire special powers and enhance his strength to win the war. However, the corporation finds a way to fully control him and use his mind for evil purposes and create chaos.

The premiere of the filming 'Bloodshot' is scheduled for July 8, 2022.

11. "Spencer"

This is the title of the new dramatic biographical film that has caused controversy since its premiere in theaters, this week it reaches the entertainment platform.

The film was created and directed by the British showrunner 'Pablo Larraín', it stars 'Kristen Stewart', 'Timothy Spall' and 'Jack Farthing'.

11. ‘Spencer’.

The documentary film follows the life of 'Diana Frances Spencer', better known as 'Lady Di' and reveals details about her achievements and merits in royalty. In the 1990s, the British princess makes a decision that shocks everyone when she separates from Prince Charles and is removed from royalty.

' Diana Frances Spencer ' decides to separate from her love relationship, since her marriage was deteriorating and she chose to legally separate, deviating from the path that would take her to the throne of England. The series focuses on one of 'Lady Di's' last Christmas vacations at Windsor House, England.

The premiere of the docuseries 'Spencer' is scheduled for July 5, 2022, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

12. 'The protégé'

' La protege ' is an action and suspense film that has caught the attention of 464 thousand users of the platform, after the premiere of its official teaser. The film was directed and written by the American screenwriter 'Martin Campbell'. The cast is headed by 'Maggie Q', 'Samuel L. Jackson' and 'Michael Keaton'.

12. ‘La protegida’

It chronicles the lives of the world's most imposing and feared assassins 'Anna' and 'Rembrandt', who had dark and disturbing experiences in Vietnam. As the years go by, the two go their separate ways and begin to acquire contracts from corporations to assassinate political leaders and powerful people.

One afternoon, 'Anna' receives a call telling her that her mentor, 'Moody', was killed by his adversaries in Vietnam. From that moment on, full of revenge, she will again form an alliance with 'Rembrandt' to find those responsible and neutralize the murderers.

' La protege ' will be coming to the small screen from July 10, 2022, through the Prime Video content catalog.