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The series "Legacies" is forced to break the vampiric chronicles rules in its new installment

Luis Rafael
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The fourth season of "Legacies" has been critical for the advancement of Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), the main character of the series, so fate was in store for him.

However, reaching the highest level of her heavenly potential has defied one of the guidelines in "Vampire Diaries".

Many people are clear that, "Legacies" series number 3 the third series within the establishment started by fiction starring Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder.

In addition, it also circulated somewhere during the years 2009 and 2017, it came out with “The Originals”, its first 'spin-off', this was a great moment for the franchise.

For this new premiere, focused on the first vampires, the one that would give rise to “Legacies” whose premiere was in 2018. Since then, it has been one of the best series in the entire industry, with an immersive plot and an excellent cast.

The series "Legacies" is forced to break the vampiric chronicles rules in its new installment
The series "Legacies" is forced to break the vampiric chronicles rules in its new installment

What are we going to see in the fourth season of Legacies?

Set again in Mystic Falls, "Legacies" features a horde of components that enchant those who previously worshiped the Vampire Chronicles, although, simultaneously, not many characters have been seen that once existed alongside Stefan, Damon and Elena.

The encounters of the main characters of the series are still very present in the place and were even the object of deserved praise in a school work created by the students of the school and were commemorated in the third season.

On his excursion, as you might expect, Legacies continues to make some gestures to his archetypes and facilitate meaningful appearances, at the same time as he freely proceeds to the excursion of his characters.

A reasonable illustration of this is, unequivocally, what Hope's complete transformation into a trihybrid supposes, who manages to make her three species with gusto in a new scene of the current fourth portion and, consequently, contact her maxim capacity.

For this fourth season of "Legacies" they will have to break a rule of their guidelines for "Vampire Chronicles"

However, to achieve this, Legacies has been forced to break certain rules of the guidelines of its archetype despite the extraordinary work that "Vampiric Chronicles" did in building the standards of its powerful universe.

In the event that halves and halves are so rare in the Vampire Diaries universe, it is because nature detests that an animal has such strength and will effectively maintain harmony between people, werewolves, witches, and vampires.

Therefore, each powerful species has its flaws and that helps to keep an eye on them: vampires pass in case of being bitten by a werewolf, however, werewolves can only roam during full moon nights, which restricts their results potentials.

Also, witches have a lot of strength, however, they are human, so they do not have the superhuman attributes that vampires and werewolves have. Likewise, no matter how awesome a witch is, whatever spell she casts will always have a wind.

Hope will break the fundamental principles of witches in the new season of "Legacies"

However, one of the main characters in "Legacies", Hope Mikaelson, breaks one of the fundamental principles of any witch.

In the fictional world of the movie, a witch can only have magical powers from a human. If for some reason a witch turns a vampire, she automatically loses all her magic.

However, despite Hope's complete transformation it involved her removing her vampire side.

We have also seen Hope using her sorcery. An ability that he should have lost by the mighty standards of the universe. Confidence conflicts with everything that is established and that is very likely why it is so incredible.

This has caused a lot of controversy in all the followers of the series because this breaks the principles of the series and is something that should not happen, apparently it was a mistake in the script, or they let it be overlooked to make Hope's story more interesting.

However, with the fourth season just released, the new scenes of "Legacies" are guaranteed to discover much more about the world of Hope and how its reality affects all three species. We will continue to discover as it is broadcast on CW and HBO Max in our country.