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Alba Flores and Najwa Nimri record "Sagrada Família" the new Netflix series

Both shone as Nairobi and Alicia Sierra in La Casa de Papel, also in Vis a Vis as Saray and Zulema

Enrique R
Enrique R
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In contemporary series we will not find another couple of actresses who have such good chemistry on stage as they do. As allies in Vis a Vis or as opponents in La Casa de Papel, both have a gigantic fandom for making unforgettable characters.

The death of Zulema in Vis a Vis generated such a reaction in his fans that today some girls continue to make tattoos in his tribute, the same happened with the death of Nairobi in La Casa de Papel. Now Netflix has announced that both will be part of the cast of Sagrada Família, a series that we will soon have on the streaming platform.

Alba Flores and Najwa Nimri record "Sagrada Família" the new Netflix series

Some fans with the same passion who celebrate having this pair of artists together again, express fear that at least one dies in history and in networks, with memes included, they roll threats in a sarcastic tone so that "they don't dare "To kill anyone this time, much less after winning the affection of all as Najwa Nimri did as Zulema in Vis a Vis, or Alba Flores as Nairobi in La Casa de Papel.

A luxury cast in the new Netflix series

We all learned that Najwa and Alba will work together again through the platform's official account on Twitter, where a selection of top stars was also confirmed, including Macarena Gómez (30 coins, La que se avecina), Alvaro Rico (Elite), Álex Garcia (Without tits, there is no paradise), Carla Campra, Iván Pellicer and other great actors.

Mother? daughter? Sisters? For now, there is a lot of secrecy about the plot and character characteristics of each artist in the series. It is a strategy of accumulating tension and anxiety for the fans, particularly Najwa Nimri and Alba Flores, which we hope will be able to take advantage of with good roles and an attractive story.

If we take into account where they both come from, Vis a Vis and La Casa de Papel, it is difficult to maintain that level of characters but with so many surprises from Netflix this year, we can expect anything.

Alba Flores and Najwa Nimri record "Sagrada Família" the new Netflix series

The recordings began a few days ago, however there is a projection of having the series ready to broadcast this year.

It is possible that the emptiness of La Casa de Papel at the end, will be taken advantage of with a series where fans will see those who gave life to Detective Alicia Sierra and Nairobi, thus taking advantage of the connection of fans for the time of the premiere of Sagrada Família.

The brain of this great idea is Manolo Caro, who has already put the public in a pocket with "La Casa de las Flores", who commented on his networks that he has been shaping the idea for a couple of years, and now he is excited to see that comes true.

The excitement for the premiere of this project is greater, if we remember the words of Alba Flores months ago about working with Najwa, commenting that as an artistic couple they have not yet reached the maximum of what they can do. We hope this series is the peak that the intrepid Nairobi talks about.