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The series 'Vikings: Valhalla' already secured its future on Netflix

Luis Rafael
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The series 'Vikings: Valhalla' already secured its future on Netflix
The series 'Vikings: Valhalla' already secured its future on Netflix

'Vikings: Valhalla' has marked one of the most anticipated deliveries of this 2022, the story that follows the events of 'Vikings' has managed to earn the respect of its viewers.

It is worth mentioning that the sequel previously presented the installment of its first season on Netflix, leaving all its viewers intrigued.

However, the Netflix streaming platform announced the return of the series inspired by the Nordic warriors. The directors of the platform have already assured the future of ' Vikings: Valhalla' confirming 2 new seasons that will be available in the coming months.

The story will continue with the iconic fights for glory and survival, we will see how each time the Vikings of the kingdom have bloodier battles that will be starred and led by the warrior Leif Eriksson along with his seductive sister Freydis Eriksdotter and the greedy Nordic prince Harald Sigurdsson.

About 'Vikings: Valhalla'

The series 'Vikings: Valhalla' is an American production created by Jeb Stuart, which marked its debut in February 2022 with the distribution of its first season. The series stars Frida Gustavsson, Sam Corlett, and Leo Suter, who play the sequel's most beloved Vikings.

The events of the series are set 100 years after the events of (Vikings). In this new story we will take a closer look at the lives of great Vikings: Freydis, Harald III of Norway, Leif Erikson and William I of England. Characters who star in the most impressive battles and strategies.

Throughout history, all the people who live in the nearby tribes and villages will have to fight hard, in order to survive on the European continent. Since, with the passing of each year, they will have to adapt to the new changes of constant evolution and must take new paths.

The large groups that make up the Viking armies will start an alliance and will go to Kattegat to plan a revenge strategy for a massacre that happened in England. However, brothers Leif and Freydis have another revenge planned during the siege of London.

'Vikings: Valhalla' exceeds expectations and produces 2 new seasons

The series based on the life of the most ruthless savages of Scandinavia came to the platform as one of the various proposals that Netflix produces each year.

Last month, the 8 episodes that began the series' history were broadcast, reaching a million views in its first installment.

The sequel surpassed the numbers of the original story 'Vikings', this was unexpected and shocking news for the producers of the series. On March 8, Netflix executives met with Jeb Stuart to plan the future of the series and to study the statistics of the figures.

The series managed to raise the estimated amount of funds, managing to raise 1 million dollars on the streaming platform. For that reason, Netflix and Stuart decided to make the decision to continue the story and start production on the next 2 seasons at the same time.

It should be noted that this is the first time that a production on the streaming platform announces the renewal of 2 seasons after the debut of a new series. Without a doubt, the spin-off ' Vikings: Valhalla' has been the most successful Netflix proposal of the moment.