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The terrifying programming that Paramount + has for this Halloween

Luis Rafael
9 min read

Halloween will be in a few days and Paramount + has prepared the best programming of all to enjoy it in the best way with creepy series and movies that will make you tremble with fear.

In this article we will show the programming that the streaming platform has prepared for this Halloween.

In addition, there will also be the best movies and series to watch with the youngest of the family, such as "A Monster in Paris", "Hotel Transilvania 2" and the new youth series "Hunter Street".

But there will also be bloody movies and series to make the hair stand on end to the most daring like the famous movie "World War Z".

The terrifying programming that Paramount + has for this Halloween
The terrifying programming that Paramount + has for this Halloween

The creepiest series and movies on Paramount + for this Halloween

Next, we are going to present which are the most terrifying and bloody movies that we can enjoy at Paramount + for this Halloween night.

Creepshow season 2

It is an American terrifying category television series.

The series is a continuation of the first and second films in the "Creepshow" franchise, written by Stephen King and coordinated by George Romero, each scene in the series consists of two parts with unique harrowing stories coordinated by various bosses.

Hellraiser: Revelations

Two companions track down a perplexing puzzle box that opens the way to a terrible world filled with evil presences. "Hellraiser: Revelations" is one of the best American horror films of 2011 was written by Gary Tunnicliffe and directed by Víctor García. It is the tenth film in the saga that began with the movie Hellraiser.

The terrifying programming that Paramount + has for this Halloween
Hellraiser: Revelations

Currently, this is one of the films of this genre that has more reproductions worldwide, everyone loves the screaming scenes that characterize this great movie saga.

That is why it will be part of the Paramount + programming for the Halloween special that will be released in two days.

The Bite

It follows the story of two neighbors, Rachel (Audra McDonald) and Lily (Taylor Schilling), as they embark on extraordinary occasions when a deadly new strain of infection appears.

Exploring New York City with this new normal, Rachel works from the comfort of her home shuffling her telemedicine clients and an unstable union with her husband, Dr. Zach (Steven Pasquale, Comey's Rule), who has an esteemed occupation at the CDC miles away in Washington DC.

Lily is higher up trying to persuade her Wall Street clientele that her unmistakable range of skills is still just as important through a video screen as she is face-to-face.

Children Of The Corn: Genesis

Several seek asylum in a separate compound and find a strange faction that worships a satanic young man. " Children Of The Corn: Genesis" is the 8th installment of the Children Of The Corn franchise, one of the best programming that Paramount has for this Halloween.

The terrifying programming that Paramount + has for this Halloween
Children Of The Corn: Genesis

Its premiere date was in 2011 and its director is Joel Soisson, the film stars Kelen Coleman, one of the best horror movie actors.


Charles and his mother are part of a race that is in danger of extinction that needs to benefit from the power of existence of the virgin ladies.

Both have recently moved to a humble Indiana community in order to locate their next victim.

" Sleepwalkers" is a 1992 American film that was one of the most successful theatrical releases of the time, since it was written by Stephen King. Its director is Mick Garris, and it stars Alice Krige, Mädchen Amick, Brian Krause, Ron Perlman, Cindy Pickett and Lyman Ward.

World War Z

When a zombie pandemic takes steps to wipe out humanity, a former United Nations specialist is forced to return to administration to try to find the source of the disease.

Universal War Z (in English World War Z) is a 2013 American dystopian film dependent on the novel of similar name by Max Brooks and coordinated by Marc Forster.

It stars Brad Pitt and its supporting actors are: Daniella Kertesz, David Morse, Eric West, James Badge Dale, Matthew Fox, David Andrews, Mireille Enos, Fana Mokoena and Peter Capaldi.


Bruce Kenner is an excellent detective who loves his vocation. He investigates the case of young Angela, who denounces her father, John Gray, for having mistreated her.

The moment John, suddenly and without any recollection of what happened, admits his guilt, eminent analyst Dr. Raines joins the case to help him recall his subdued memories.

What they find reveals a vile collusion. "Regression" is an American film of gore and a combination of horror that was released in 2015.

It was written and directed by Alejandro Amenábar and features Emma Watson, Aaron Ashmore, Dale Dickey, Aaron Abrams, David Thewlis, Adam Butcher and David Dencik, Devon Bostick.


This hour-and-a-half creation of unrepentant dread and tension tells the story of Jessie, a young girl who becomes an invalid after a fatal collision with a car. Prone in a wheelchair and without mobility in her legs, she is forced to return to her father's house in Louisiana.

While recovering from the mishap in his father's ramshackle castle, he finds a strange gift from his long-dead mother and a hideous presence that needs to annihilate her.

Jessabelle is one of the most requested films for this new Paramount + Halloween programming, thousands of people are waiting for the publication of this film through the platform.

It is directed by Kevin Greutert, the same one who directed all the Saw films, it was written by Robert Ben Garant one of the best American horror writers.

Paramount + programming for family viewing

Paramount + carried out the Halloween programming so that everyone could enjoy the best multimedia content on its platform. For this reason, he added a special of films that are aimed at the little ones in the house and people who are not lovers of screaming or gore.

Next, we are going to announce the Halloween programming that the streaming platform has for the whole family.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Ghastliness's works of art never fall on deaf ears and this reboot of the series created by Nickelodeon Productions during the 90s is not a special case. This astonishing production features another Midnight Society, a gathering of children telling the surprising story of the "Festival of Death."

Sadly for them, their haunting story is about to come true. This anthology horror series for kids was originally made by author DJ. MacHale, however, for this new reboot is going to change direction and production.

Hunter street

This is an excellent series that will make your hair stand on end, it is one of the best spooky and mysterious series of Nickelodeon Productions, one of the most successful series that the industry had at the time.

The series presents the story of five children who, upon waking up earlier in the day, discover that their new parents have disappeared during their first night at home.

The terrifying programming that Paramount + has for this Halloween
Hunter street

From that moment on, they start looking for them in an epic experience. One of the best options for the little ones in the house, a mixture of mystery and suspense that will make you stay glued to the screen for a couple of hours.

A monster in paris

This is an animated film that is set in France, it is an excellent film to enjoy with the whole family.

It brings a gripping and melodic story set in Paris in 1910. Raoul is an idiosyncratic innovator and delivery man, and Emile is a shy and unpretentious film projectionist, one night due to an accident that happened they released a terrible monster in a shelter of an investigator, and they try to catch it again.

They soon discover that the monster may not be as threatening as it seems, and they try to save him from a bad police chief. " A monster in Paris" is characterized by having the interpretation of the prestigious French vocalists and composers: Matthieu Chédid and Vanessa Paradis.

Hotel Transylvania 2

The second film of this alarming and at the same time fun creation directed by the film director Genndy Tartakovsky shows us that the vampire Mavis and the human Jonathan were able to get married in the Hotel Transylvania, with the blessing of Dracula, the lady's father.

In addition, the accommodation ceases to be only for beasts and admits its first human visitors: the family of the future husband.

The terrifying programming that Paramount + has for this Halloween
Hotel Transylvania 2

The cast of the movie. It has great Hollywood actors who interpret the voices of the characters, among them are: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg and Selena Gómez.

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

This film that mixes revulsion, parody and family dreams tells the story of an ordinary American family with money problems to pay the loan of their house and that receives as an inheritance an old palace in Romania.

Apparently, they learn of the puzzling doom related to the palace and understand that it will not be difficult to get rid of it.

With the participation of the eminent American actress and singer Victoria Justice, known for participating in the Nickelodeon series “Victorious”.

Liar, Liar Vampire

This is one of the best series for young people that is on Paramount + and will form part of the Halloween programming that will premiere this weekend.

It tells the story of a shy boy who moves to another city. At his new school, the most famous young woman labels him a vampire, so he claims to be one to maintain his unexpected notoriety.

However, when doubts about his true strengths arise, his life begins to become more complex. The protagonists of this series are: Brec Bassinger and Rahart Adams.