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The trailer for the second season of "Emily in Paris" was released

Luis Rafael
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The Emily in Paris series is one of the best series with an original Netflix production, since its premiere it has caused a great impact and has been one of the best films published in 2020.

That is why, after so much success, they decided to film the second season to innovate the story.

5 days ago was the premiere of the trailer for the second season and since its premiere it has been the center of attention, for its revealing scenes that indicate some incredible things that we will see in the next season of Emily in Paris.

What will happen to Emily in the next season of the Netflix series?

The trailer for the second season of "Emily in Paris" was released
The trailer for the second season of "Emily in Paris" shows Lily Collins in a dilemma

The main character, Emily Copper (played by Lily Collins) will go through with an incredible love situation and at the same time, she will have to adjust to her job, which will not be easy at all. Audiences will see a ton of charm and a more French vision.

In the first season we only saw some scenes that transported us to a Parisian environment and the filming of most of the scenes was not done in France due to the global pandemic. However, for this new season they will shoot everything in France.

Now that she's more comfortable in Paris, Emily (Lily Collins) is getting better and better in the city, but she's changing in keeping with French traditions.

In this new season we are going to enjoy new adventures of the American girl and her development in France.

Deciding between your job and your love life

After ending up entangled in a drama circle with her neighbor and her first partner in France (Camille Razat), she wishes to keep an eye on her job, which is continually getting more and more confused.

It will not be easy, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) has chosen to stay in the capital, which will confuse her desire to be focused on her work as head of the organization.

On the other hand, in her French class, Emily meets a person who will make her die of nerves and scare her a little, but who will also arouse her interest and develop many feelings and possibly have something more than a friendship in this new season.

A review that shows that this later season will have more excitement, more appeal and a more wonderful vision of France, as it will continue with an excursion in glittering Saint-Tropez. In addition, the new chapters hope to be a true catwalk of design and style.

Characters will appear in this new season

In the first season of "Emily in Paris", Lily Colllins (Emily), Ashley Park (Mindy), Bruno Gouery (Julien), Filipino Leroy Beaulieu (Sylvie Grateau) and William Abadie (Antoine Lambert) will make appearances in this new season to once again delight in the Parisian appeal.

In addition, for this new season we will have a new actress who will cause many problems in history Kate Walsh (Madeline) who joins the cast as a special guest actress, Jeremy O. Harris (Gregory Elliott Dupree) and Arnaud Binard are also joining the cast. (Laurent G).

The love problem

The Netflix platform has delivered the trailer for the new seasons, where it is seen that the young American will not know how to determine her affection for Gabriel and how to face Camille, the other half of the seductive culinary artist and her first French partner.

Release date

It is worth mentioning that the premiere date of the series Emily in Paris after a year and a half has already been published and has a deadline. Previously it was going to be published on August 12, however, the publication of the series for that date was ruled out, since the director had not finished.

Therefore, they were forced to postpone the series until further notice. It was until a week ago that they published the new date of the following chapters. It will be the December 12 premiere of the 10 episodes through Netflix.