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These are the actors of the paper house who have written books

Enrique R
Enrique R
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Three of the actors in the popular series have written interesting books that you will surely want to read.

The contrast between their characters in the series is remarkable, so it is not surprising to learn that in real life the three actors: Pedro Alonso (Berlin), Enrique Arce (Arturito) and Hovik Keuchkerian (Bogotá) are just as dissimilar and their books make it so.

Enrique Arce thinks a bit like Arturito and wrote a book that can be categorized in part as self-help; Pedro Alonso, mysterious like Berlin, offers us a book about reincarnation and Hovik Keuchkerian wrote books of poems and profound writings.

Pedro Alonso (Berlin) and the "Book of Filipo"

He is one of the most interesting characters in the series and among other curiosities, it stands out that his girlfriend in real life is also named after his beautiful Tatiana in the series.

Her partner is Tatiana Djordjevic and if you think that the thief Tatiana is mysterious, you should know that her partner is a hypnotherapist and is closely linked to this book.

These are the actors of the paper house who have written books

As hermetic as Berlin, Pedro Alonso begins the book by referring to some details about what led him to accept that hypnotherapy session from his partner, which ended up leading him to meet an ancient Roman soldier named Filipo.

This soldier was actually Pedro Alonso himself in a past life. All this that began almost as an experiment ended up bringing him closer to deep reflections on humanity, the changes that have taken place in people individually and collectively, together with the need to reevaluate ourselves.

An intimate journey of growth for Pedro Alonso reflected in his book

This has been the phrase that the actor has literally said to comment on what The Book of Philip means in his life, his career as a painter with several of his works used in film festivals and other events, everything has been linked in his experience with hypnotherapy that gave rise to the book.

His sacrifice in the first round operated a transformation among the fans of the series, who were weaving threads and knowing his history, taking care of the teacher in his childhood, we ended up feeling affection for that strange subject who, however, did not hesitate to sacrifice himself for the band, for his brother.

These are the actors of the paper house who have written books

Enrique Arce (Arturito) and "The Greatness of Nameless Things"

For many, the most hated character in recent years (although Gandía fights him for the title), Arturito is actually the result of a masterful performance by Enrique Arce. The hatred it generates is directly proportional to its quality as an actor, as a writer we will get to know it with this book.

Like his character, Enrique Arce writes and his book La Grandeza de las Cosas sin Nombre, represents in his words "a journey of inner transformation", tries to reflect a process of maturation as a person at a time when La Casa de Papel it transformed his life.

The book reflects the story of Samuel, a stage actor whose life turns into a roller coaster. His dream of winning the highest award as a theater actor is fulfilled, but in parallel a close relative dies whom he loves and has not seen for many years.

Giving value to the time with whom you want, appreciating the little moments, all are valuable messages that we will find in this book, where more than one reader will understand how different Enrique Arce is, from the Arturito that we all hate for annoying over and over the plans of the teacher's band.

These are the actors of the paper house who have written books

Hovik Keuchkerian (Bogotá) prints his soul in Letters from El Palmar

It is the most contrasting case between his character and reality. The most interesting thing about Hovik Keuchkerian is that in real life he is also a tough guy.

As hard as the reader can imagine that you have to be to become boxing champion in Spain, in the heavyweight category.

This boxer has such a sensitive soul that he is at the same time a boxer, a humorist, a writer and a poet. Although Bogotá, his character, is sensitive to Nairobi, it is not exactly the quintessence of love in his general demeanor, but Keuchkerian is something else.

His best-known books are "Letters from El Palmar" and "Diarios y ravings", although he has several collections of poetry, essays and other books.

In Cartas desde el Palmar the author shows a simple style, a poetry very close to the people and that mixes elements of the landscape of the palms with something of a free style that borders on the experimental.

Hovik Keuchkerian Diaries and Ravings

This book is more like his monologues. It is good to know that just as he is a heavyweight champion and as a boxer he has great social work helping street boys, this giant began to make himself known in the artistic environment as a comedian, excellent in monologues.

The short texts of diaries and ravings are the closest thing to his monologues that we can find. "A beggar with cotton shoes" is one of his best-known monologues, but with almost all of those that he has presented, he has filled theaters when presenting them.

It is a bit difficult to know if his role in Bogotá has made him a better poet, or if his role as a poet made him interpret Bogotá better, but it is certain that he is an integral artist and a man with much more to give and contribute to the world than what we see in the rude character he represents in La Casa de Papel.