Yamcha and his successful baseball career, why never continuous?

Grecia De Flores
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Yamcha is known as one of the strongest humans of all the earth. However, the presence of him within the battles has not been completely successful, since he did not belong completely to this world. Before being, he was warrior who all admired, he had triumphed quite brightly within the world of baseball.

As "Dragon Ball Z" progressed, the franchise forced us to put aside "normal humans" as well as Yamcha, Krillin, and Ten Shin Han. This added to the introduction of new characters, who were obviously much more powerful. than them, which made them continue within the plot, but with much more domestic activities, thus leaving martial arts in the background.

Yamcha, makes this change immediately, which is why he gets involved in the world of sports during La Tuga that emerged after the death of the King Piccolo. This character was described in front of the public as a professional baseball player, or what happened in some episodes of filling inside the “Dragon Ball Z”.

Yamcha and his successful baseball career, why never continuous?

Finally and throughout history, we could see how the same became one of the strongest human fighters in the world, although all this was thanks to the dedication that Himself had to turn over a better athlete.

How Yamcha became the star player of the Taitas team?

Inside the fourth episode of “Dragon Ball Z” We could see the presentation of the baseball team called Taitas from which Yamcha was a player. There we could see players like Murdock, Pepper and Johnson. Yamcha decided to join the team in the middle of the search for being the professional athlete that he always desires, although in the background he assumed the fact that he could never become as powerful or as Piccolo Jr. or even Goku.

However, his sudden interest within sports was not necessarily implicit in advance, since he just played baseball simply, for being one of the most popular sports throughout Japan.

Yamcha was considered as the best player of the team, and apparently, because in his career it was successful and popular enough to be excused, due to the great demand he had to go to fight The pair with the Saiyajin, to the point of even dying during a great fight.

In spite of all this, Yamcha would reinstate himself inside the team once he was resurrected, although within history it is unknown how much longer his career lasted after all this. Tips even at the time of the series emission were still a strong product within the saga Majin Buu, which we would see years later. This story would be confirmed in episodes later with a local thief which asks Gohan when he was in his appearance of Saiyama, if with him, he could capture the last team game.

The Yamcha baseball race was totally successful

There are several games and derived media that we would see pay tribute to the place of yamcha within the titas, being your uniform part of an alternative costume, with which you can count some characters, but not the yamcha itself.

“Dragon Ball GT” would give us more clues about it, suggesting that the character eventually would surrender or more simple His career, thus returning to the desert with Puear, to become a bandit once again.

Although this seems a little unfair to many of the fans, since the now superhuman Yamcha is one of the most powerful beings within all the team. There are many people who are still currently considering that yamcha should have a much richer history arch as much as it has contained, as it states that it had material and spice to be able to have actually relevant papers inside the series and even spoken inside the movies.