You knew you can call the phone that appears in the “squid game”

Grecia De Flores
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“The squid game” The popular South Korean series has become a trend in recent days from its premiere within the platform of Streaming Netflix.

This great audiovisual work was written and directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, being an allegory of modern society, as its director explained recently to local media.

Thanks to an exquisite mix of traditional games, typical of Korean culture, as well as some references to comics and movies such as Battle Royale or even "the hunger games", it is undeniable all the success that Dong-hyuk found within the platform Netflix hit.

The series starts when Gi-Hun makes a call to the phone number, which was given by a mysterious man at the metro facilities.

All this also comes wrapped in the promise of always winning a lot of money and playing a series of games which are "simple".

You knew you can call the phone that appears in the “squid game”
The squid game

Without absolutely nothing to lose, our protagonist marks the number and long before what he imagines himself, is already within a macabre game, in which he has no greater explanation.

However, this great title, hides a series of enigmas and special games which you can discover yourself.

The squid game is the success of the moment

This wonderful series comes from the hand of a spectacular history, which will keep you at the edge at all times.

For the popular streaming platform, this type of entertainment makes you earn even more audience.

However, some users did not resist trying and calling the phone number that appeared within the series. But, you will ask you: What is the problem or surprise with it?: And the answer is quite easy, this number exists in real life, and you can call it without problem.

Many are those who thought that when calling, they would attend them some spectral and mysterious entity that would shake them from fear, however, this is quite far from reality.

Whoever serves this issue is a common person, who has recently explained that he is tired of receiving so many calls and absurd messages in recent days.

The woman surname Kim, is the unfortunate proprietary of the line, and according to some Korean media, she claims to have received more than 4,000 calls by day of the series fans, which prevents him The development of your day in a normal way.

Right after the series will become so viral, Mrs. Kim's cell phone has begun to sound all day with text messages and calls without stopping, 24 hours a day.

However, he explains that he does not know about the reasons that his number has come out in the series, being that she has maintained this same line by at least 10 years.

For this reason, the production of the series was informed, the fact that they had to change the number that appeared in it, so that Mrs. Kim, can recover her life.

The woman noted recently that this phone number was linked to her work, which is why production has offered a monetary compensation, for all the expenses and discomfort caused.