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Zoë Kravitz Wasn't Catwoman in Nolan's Batman Movie Because of Racism

Luis Rafael
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Zoë Kravitz Wasn't Catwoman in Nolan's Batman Movie Because of Racism
Zoë Kravitz Wasn't Catwoman in Nolan's Batman Movie Because of Racism

The American actress stated that she was one of the women who auditioned to play Catwoman for Batman, directed by Christopher Nolan.

However, they did not give her the role and offered her to audition for a smaller role, since they were not looking for "an urban style" in a female lead.

In 2012, award-winning director Christopher Nolan filmed the final installment of his Batman trilogy 'The Dark Knight Rises', starring Anne Hathaway in Catwoman. In that film Zoë Kravitz applied to star as Selina Kyle, but she was not given the role because of her color.

The actress revealed during her interview with 'The Guardian' that "I didn't know if that decision came directly from Chris Nolan or was from someone on the recording set." In addition, the reason they gave her classified her as 'urban', a colloquial term from North America that is used to refer to the black population with few resources.

The American actress did not get her role because she is a 'woman of color'

The American Zoë Kravitz recently expressed her demotivation and anger when she auditioned for the film and was not given the role because she did not meet the physical standards. During an interview with 'Nylon' The actress confessed that this audition marked her and was very strong for her:

“I think it was probably a casting director or an assistant casting director. Being a woman of color, being an actress and being told at the time that I couldn't do the casting because of the color of my skin, that was really hard," Kravitz confessed during her interview on Nylon.

It is important to note that this is not the first time that Zoë Kravitz is Rejected for a role, in several filmings she has had to withdraw from her dreams. For this reason, the actress affirms that throughout her career she has learned to accept rejection in the field of acting:

"Although sometimes it's hard to see it in the moment, usually a few years later you think that it's okay, that there's a reason why that didn't happen," said the actress in 'The Guardian'.

Zoë Kravitz to star in 'The Batman' alongside Robert Pattinson

The protagonist of 'Big Little Lies' over the last decade has managed to open a new space in the film industry, starring in films like 'Divergent' and 'High Fidelity'. In this year 2022 Zoë Kravitz will fulfill one of her goals after 10 years playing Catwoman in ' The Batman '.

This will be the first time that the leading role of Catwoman is given to an 'urban woman', this will be a role that will mark a before and after in the professional life of Zoë Kravitz. The new movie 'The Batman ' will be released in mid-2022 and will be directed by Matt Reeves.

In this new movie of the 'Gotham City' vigilante bat, Bruce Wayne will be played by 'Robert Pattinson' known for his work in the 'Twilight' saga. Pattinson is working alongside Zoë Kravitz to recreate one of the best stories in the classic ' DC Comics' movie saga.