4 foods that improve oral health

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We live in a society where we continually face beauty canons and a wide variety of advertising guidelines that indicate how we should take care of our aesthetics.

In recent years, the white color of the teeth has become one of the goals of all people on the path to beauty. For this reason, in this article we will introduce you to 4 foods that will help you improve your oral health and prevent the appearance of stains on your teeth.

4 foods that improve oral health – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Colorless foods: There are foods that do not cause the appearance of stains on the teeth.

Usually when a person underwent teeth whitening treatment, they are suggested to eat colorless foods to avoid the appearance of stains.

These are red meats, fish, white rice and even pasta, as long as the accompanying sauce is light.

Dairy: In addition to being a source of calcium, they have characteristics that favor oral care. Foods like yogurts, milk and cheese are necessary for the care of the teeth.

The latter is highly recommended as it increases the production of saliva, which helps prevent tooth decay and eliminate any remaining food.

Fruits and vegetables: Research has shown that eating crunchy fruits and vegetables helps remove all sticky residue from your mouth.

In this way the appearance of stains on the teeth is avoided. Therefore, the consumption of celery, lettuce, apple, among others is highly recommended.

Sugar-free gum: Sometimes you are not at home and therefore cannot brush your teeth. For these situations, the use of sugar-free gum will increase saliva production and this will prevent tooth decay.

We hope this article has been helpful to you, and you can incorporate these 4 foods into your diet. If you have any questions, ask your dentist who can help you answer your questions.