Does chewing gum cause gastritis?

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Millions of people every day and at any time of the day chew gum either to savor or spend a while moving the jaw. ¿Did you know that chewing gum is a cause of gastritis? If you do not know, here we explain who consumed it and why.

Does chewing gum cause gastritis? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Who consumes chewing gum?

Those who consume them are many and talking about them would be endless, but this article can be associated with the attitude of the person and it would be easy to recognize the consumer of this mass, but those who are protagonists here are women.

They do not have to be all in general since this habit is lodged in women who have a certain level of anxiety and others who suffer from eating disorders. This when doing the oral phase with chewing gum causes the process of eating food to the stomach.

Food that does not process, because it is not and it does not end by pleasing anxiety, that wants to satisfy the stomach when acquiring a food, causing disorders in its organism. This is because it does not cross the food.

Does chewing gum cause gastritis? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Can chewing gum cause gastritis?

Yes, this is when chewing, we make movements that the organism interprets as natural and if they do not complete the process it hurts.

Explaining better the content of this, is analyzing the substance and checking this for its symptoms.

What is Sorbitol?

Sorbitol according to specialists, It is a multifunctional substance of sugar, which is used as a sweetener in dietetic foods, and serves as a laxative too, until there is something incredible, true. The problem is that it is used in large quantities.

This component enters in low amounts by means of saliva to the stomach, which interprets it as the food bolus, but when realizing that it is not and when secreting gastric juices they do not find anything, that is when the discomforts come.

Malestars caused by Sorbitol

What they produce oral gases, constipation, irritation, mood swings and anxiety, in some cases if consumed in quantity produces flatulence and diarrhea. This happens because they are not informed before using a product that can be harmful.

Every fashion that comes to light at a certain time, is driven to generate money and with it the medical industries are compacted. That is to say, that for every product there is a disease and from it a new drug is created to relieve it.

All these causes must be taken into account, since most dietary products are pathological promoters. For this reason, it is that each time a chemical ration jumps to the world, leaving traces with its consumption.

Does chewing gum cause gastritis? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

The chewing gum will not help you

Because of this, if you think or feel that she is fat and sugar-free gum will help you, I clarify that they lead you to live ill. Its side effects are very uncomfortable, because you pass with burning and burning to the stomach since you get up.

It is worse if you have bulimia, your emotional and physical consumption is accelerated. It is not a good idea to look for these means, since if you consume you give strength to increase their demand. That way you are a fixed client for a hospital and a drug for life.

Give due attention to your body since it is the only one you have and there is no other. Chewing gum is a cause of gastritis, Yes, and there are many more but their cause is emotional and can be regenerated to a normal and pleasant emotional state, which can begin to build for you, stabilizing your mind and body.