Essential tips for maintaining a healthy life

Arachely Perez
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Essential tips for maintaining a healthy life – Wellness and Health
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Being healthy is simply the slowest speed at which one can die. Margaret Mead

We live in a very hectic world and sometimes taking care of ourselves and maintaining a valanced diet is very complicated.

Despite this we must try to maintain a balance in our diet and within our possibilities exercise three to four times a week.

Here I comment some essential tips to get a healthy life and reduce some diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Essential tips for maintaining a healthy life – Wellness and Health

Do sport

It is essential to carry a healthy lifestyle, doing exercises three to four times a week can reduce stress, it is proven that doing sports helps to change our mood, gives us more energy, helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. About 30 minutes a day of physical activity is a huge change to your health.

Drinking water

Water should be the main drink in our life. Erroneously many times we drink juices, soft drinks that are one of the great burdens of the diet because they contain exaggerated amounts of calories that we should avoid. It is proven that drinking a liter and a half of water or more every day is essential to carry a healthy lifestyle.

No sedentary lifestyle

A advice important is to avoid sitting or lying on the couch for long hours, climb stairs, bike, walk, this in addition to influencing your health helps you relax and eliminate stress from day to day.

Fruits and vegetables

You can not miss the list of your purchase: We must eat food from this group every day since they are the ones that provide us with a large part of vitamins, minerals and fibers. We must try that each meal has a food of each group.

Give up smoking

If you smoke it does not matter that you take the previous tips to raja tabla, the tobacco is related to a large number of premature deaths. Smoking damages the circulatory system, promotes the appearance of clots in the blood, can lead us to suffer a heart attack in addition to suffering from cancer. It's amazing with just a week without smoking the lungs start to heal quickly.


Overweight causes diseases such as hypertension, cholesterol problems, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. We must love ourselves as we are but keeping in mind that our health is not at risk.

Consume fish at least twice a week is essential, limit the consumption of fat, sugar, processed foods. Add to our diet the consumption of whole foods. These are some of the fundamental advice to maintain a healthy lifestyle