Pain when urinating, what you should not ignore

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The pain when urinating or dysuria, in most cases is caused by infections and it is probably that it really concerns women more - mainly when they are pregnant, than men, even so, it is normal for men to tend to have these infections.

It is also normal to feel pain when you have an inflammation in the uterus, when you have stone in the kidneys, etc.

So if it is necessary to go to the doctor and that he determines exactly what are the causes for which you suffer from pain when urinating.

Pain when urinating without infection

There are certain causes that cause pain when urinating without being this, an infection. Such are the cases of:

• Cervicitis or vulvovaginitis, in this disease the woman is only affected, since the pain is caused by inflammation of the uterus or vulva. Which also comes with other symptoms such as fever or bleeding.

Kidney stone, or kidney stones, when a kind of stone is created in the area of ​​the urinary system, which creates pain and difficulty when you want to urinate.

Sexually transmitted diseases, in this case are the diseases of chlamydia and gonorrhea that in addition to pain produces fever, green discharge, and burning in the urethra.

Hypertrophy of the prostate, which happens when the prostate increases in size which causes pain and also, urgency to go to the bathroom more regularly.

Pain when urinating and bleeding when doing it

Medically called hematuria, is when the urine comes with blood. There are several reasons why a person can urinate with blood, such as:

• Kidney calculation, which explains it previously.

• Some urinary infections.

• Consumption of foods with red pigmentation, such as beet, or in such case, foods that have red coloring.

• Some medications, such as aspirin, can have that adverse effect, mostly of course in older men.

• In the case of being pregnant, it may involve the detachment of the placenta so it should be treated immediately.

As always, it is always advisable to visit the doctor in case like these because the bleeding is a warning sign.

Recommendations to cure pain when urinating

Here are some ways to help cure pain when urinating.

1. Throughout the day try to take the right amount of water.

2. Cranberry or blackberry juice is beneficial in times of infection.

3. Do not avoid the urge to urinate, just feel the urge, go to the bathroom and do it.

4. When you feel some pain in the abdominal area the best way to relieve this pain is to take an over-the-counter pain reliever.

5. If you are a woman, avoid using clothes that make you keep the moisture in your intimate area. Since not doing so would be the ideal environment for the proliferation of bacteria that can cause pain when you urinate.


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