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How to identify the symptoms of depression in women?

Lenin Boscaney
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Depression is a disorder, a very serious clinical illness.

To help you identify the symptoms of depression in women, it is important, above all, to be able to know what depression is and what consequences it brings with it, in order to take assertive measures in this regard.

We encourage you, then, to be very attentive to the description that we will make in the extension of this article. Keep in mind that knowing all this will help you have a healthier life, not only physically but emotionally.

How is depression defined?

Depression is a disorder, a very serious clinical illness that, depending on the time and the symptoms it presents, can cause major consequences.

It is important to note that this disease does not disappear overnight, a specific treatment is needed for full recovery.

There are different factors that can lead a person to become depressed. They can be personal, social, genetic or cognitive. Now, there are studies that show that this disease is more common in women than in men and this leads us to define the word gender.

Gender is all those physical and social characteristics that differentiate people, in this case men and women.

It is said that women are more vulnerable to depression, since the statistics show this and this is due to biological factors, but also social ones, since cultural stress tends to affect women much more than men in the majority. of the countries of the world.

Causes of depression in women

To delve into the symptoms of depression in women, it is important to know the causes that surround this disease due to the large gender gap that exists.

Here we will understand that it is not only due to changes in mood and hormones, but also that a natural experience can lead them to frequently suffer from this pathology. Some of these causes are:


It is that moment of life when hormonal changes begin to appear and certainly, in some girls it can awaken the disease in question.

However, it is necessary to clarify that the changes that occur during this stage do not in themselves produce depression.

The problem comes when genetic disparity leads us to understand that girls reach this stage faster than boys, therefore, they are more likely to have depression at an earlier age.


During this stage, which only women can experience, the hormonal changes that occur are important and very drastic. Add this to all the cultural and daily change that comes after having a baby, and you have something of a ticking time bomb for depression.

The lack of social support, the lack of understanding on the part of the partner, the change in lifestyle and work, abortions, sterility and postpartum depression, would be psychological and physical factors that involve the beginning of this disease.


Although we have already given some indications on how to identify the symptoms of depression in women, menopause is the last cause that we will talk about, since it represents the last hormonal change that women usually experience.

Menopause occurs when hormone levels vary abruptly, which leads women to present symptoms such as sadness, anxiety, stress, weight gain and many physical discomforts that lead to depression.

List of symptoms of depression in women

Although it seems that depression is a disease that cannot be easily overcome, there are really effective treatments to counteract it.

If treated early, the results are usually very successful. To identify this disease it is necessary to recognize certain symptoms, which are:

  • Significant changes in sleep patterns. It can be like sleeping too much or having problems reconciling it.

  • The things that were enjoyed have already lost interest and this symptom can be decisive for the detection of the disease, since the person can show apathy towards everything that comes their way.

  • Physical symptoms for no apparent reason, such as fatigue or muscle aches. Migraine is also common.

  • Frequent episodes of forgetfulness. The person can lose keys, personal belongings and even forget some important events such as birthdays.

  • Difficulty concentrating. This can be shown more than anything in school or at work. Remember that women can present depression at a young age.

  • Deep feelings of sadness or longing.

Now that you know six symptoms of depression in women, it is important that you be aware if you or any of your friends present them. This way you can take care of yourself and those around you. Always keep in mind that there is a cure for depression.




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