Kang Daniel makes his first public appearance after confirming his romance with TWICE's Jihyo

Cristian García
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Famous K-pop artist Kang Daniel has made his first public appearance after it was revealed that the artist had been dating TWICE member Jihyo for several months. Thus, the South Korean singer would reflect a fairly calm appearance and would greet his fans until he left the public spotlight.

Kang Daniel makes his first public appearance after confirming his romance with TWICE's Jihyo
Edition: The Truth News

Recently, the news echoed the confirmation that TWICE's Kang Daniel and Jihyo would be dating. This information was revealed by the agencies of both celebrities, after the famous K-pop medium, Dispatch, published some compromising photos where both idols were seen leaving Daniel's house.

Due to all this, the spotlight around the world has been on both singers, who would not have been shown in public since the love relationship between the two singers was revealed. In this way, today Kang Daniel would be showing himself, in public, for the first time after his courtship with the TWICE singer was confirmed.

The appearance was made by Kang Daniel while on his way to the Singapore airport, where he would be doing his first meeting or meeting with his fans. The artist would look quite calm and with a very lively countenance, which would reflect that a person would have no difficulty in the face of this public case that he recently experienced.

Kang Daniel wore all black along with some white sports shoes. Thus, he would continue to wear that style that would characterize him so much. Still, all the attention was focused on the singer's attitude and knowing the celebrity's reaction to the public confirmation of his romance with TWICE's Jihyo.

Recently, Kang Daniel released his single What are you up to, which made it to the top of the South Korean music charts. In addition, he managed to award him prizes in the main musical programs of that country. Therefore, the whole issue of his romance with Jihyo seems to be that he has been left behind, seeing the success that the renowned K-pop singer continues to reap.