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Know the expectations for cardiovascular health in 2022

Ramiro Guzman
7 min read
Know the expectations for cardiovascular health in 2022 – Wellness and Health
Cardiovascular health care will change positively throughout the current year 2022.

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most studied and, at the same time, one of the most sought to be prevented in health systems. Thanks to criteria established by specialists, with studies that support them, these standards can lengthen the lives of millions of people.

Some of them are limited to the area of preventive medicine, but others can be managed and even applied by society in general. We invite you to read this post to become a caregiver and disseminator of information that everyone should know to take care of their heart.

What are the main expectations for cardiovascular health this year?

The reduction of cardiovascular mortality and morbidity are the main objectives of all the projects that address the health of this system. For this year, things may have changed a bit, associated with new lifestyles and the awareness that has been generated.

However, there are still small details that must be covered to achieve a massive reduction in these indicators.

sedentary lifestyle

Several studies place as the main objective the reduction of sedentary lifestyle, an unhealthy lifestyle that brings multiple consequences.

In 1994, the World Health Organization declared sedentary lifestyle a public health problem. Basically, it is an immediate trigger for heart conditions that are irreversible and could trigger imminent death.

Today, the same body defines a sedentary person as one who performs less than 90 minutes of physical activity per week. Therefore, the most innovative policies are contributing to efforts to erase this statistic and encourage those who are at risk population.


Obesity, circulation problems and the accumulation of fatty acids are just the tip of this iceberg. This is why many strategies have begun to focus on an active life. In effect, not only encompassing fitness, but promoting a more daily activity.

Know the expectations for cardiovascular health in 2022 – Wellness and Health
Obesity is a serious disease that puts the patient's life at risk every second.

According to data provided by the WHO, obesity has quadrupled in all age groups. In summary lines, it states that from 1975 to date, there has been an increase from 4% to 18% in detected cases.

There is no doubt that the world population is being stalked by this catastrophic disease. As a result, there are more and more joint and specialized actions to be added in 2022 to keep this disorder at bay.

Work stress

On the other hand, work stress has been given way as a cause of cardiac disorders. Hypertension, for example, has good foundations in this area.

Throughout 2022, it is expected to correct this through the implementation of occupational medicine in all its splendor. At the same time, adequate training to teach workers to deal with demands and priorities will be a strong point.

Another area under study is the reduction of late diagnoses, by encouraging attendance at annual consultations with the cardiologist.

Added to all this are expectations for cardiovascular health that were already in the forefront. For example, reducing the consumption of hyper-processed foods, diets with a minimum content of salt, fat and cholesterol, among others.

How can we help the health system?

A training process with years of study and tests to confirm the results of prevention given by cardiovascular health cannot stand still.

This is why over the years, some standards are renewed and others are established. All this also allows you to create plans that anyone can carry out at home without too much effort.


Let's start talking about food, since it is one of the most addressed factors in this path of education. Today, many think that it is necessary to lead a life full of limitations to take care of your heart, but this is not true.

As such, it is enough to reduce unsaturated fats, salt consumption and excessive carbohydrates. In the long term, these are methods that will give excellent results.

Know the expectations for cardiovascular health in 2022 – Wellness and Health
The pillar education to take care of cardiovascular health is directed towards a balanced diet.

In other words, you will have to say goodbye to junk food or not make it a recurring habit. Other components such as soft drinks, sweets and treats should quickly go into the background, prioritizing natural food.

constant physical activity

Additionally, you could stave off heart disease with some physical activity. Currently, it is shown that going for a walk once a day or jogging will reduce the risk of hypercholesterolemia.

Hypercholesterolemia is a medical term used to refer to a large amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. If not prevented or promptly managed medically, it symbolizes one of the main causes of heart attacks.

Besides, you should not forget that smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are also contraindicated for optimal health care.

Timely cardiology consultation

Contributing a grain of sand to reducing cases of heart disease is not complicated, you just need to want to do it. The expectations for cardiovascular health are not only achieved with the action of health personnel, but also with yours.

For practical purposes, it is imperative that you see your doctor regularly. Although you practice measures to take care of your body, it never hurts to seek a professional opinion.

Know the expectations for cardiovascular health in 2022 – Wellness and Health
Consulting a specialized doctor will clarify the panorama as far as health is concerned.

Professional assessments or consultations will help you determine if you need to try harder or if they can change any habits to improve your results. Together, a key diagnosis will be thrown if it exists and it will be treated accordingly.

What is the purpose of cardiovascular health care?

The heart is an organ at high risk of being affected by diseases that can weaken or even paralyze it. This is because its function as a pump can be impaired by a failure in any other body system.

Incidentally, replacing it is an arduous and complicated task, which in many cases could be considered impossible.

Bearing all this in mind, it is easy to assume why it is so important to take care of this organ, the expectations for cardiovascular health are an example.

Reducing the number of patients also implies a greater availability of resources for those who cannot afford treatment or who require major interventions.

Is it possible to eradicate heart disorders?

Although much work has been done to reduce incidence rates, the risks of cardiovascular disease are difficult to reduce. Above all, because the information does not always reach everyone's hands.

When talking about eradicating the pathologies of this system, it is expected that the statistics will go to zero, but this is impossible.

There are factors specific to each human being that can cause this type of disease. Diet, physical activity, and lack of control are only triggering or even aggravating factors. Therefore, it is almost impossible to say that at some point they will cease to exist.

But when considering and studying the expectations for cardiovascular health, there are other aspects that can be eradicated. The probability of suffering heart disease by combining bad habits is high. By correcting them, nothing else subtracts the risk percentage of genetic factors.

Know the expectations for cardiovascular health in 2022 – Wellness and Health
The genetic factor is unlikely to influence current cardiovascular diseases.

The latter then leaves a large number of people with a risk of less than 10% of suffering from a disease solely through heredity.

So, there is nothing left to say, that the more you take care of yourself, the more you can enjoy life and your loved ones. Remember that it is not necessary to make big changes, just adjust your portions, exercise and consume little salt.