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Know the habits that are harmful to your feet

Maria de Piña
6 min read
Know the habits that are harmful to your feet – Wellness and Health
Habits that are harmful to your feet.

Have you ever wondered why you suddenly feel pain in your feet? What is causing a bad odor or irritation? The answer may lie in some habits that are affecting your feet.

The feet are sensitive to being affected by all kinds of external agents, and their care is as essential as any other area of the body.

You must be very attentive and gentle with your main source of movement, and this does not require expensive products and treatments, just a little discipline. So for you to avoid bad habits that damage the health of your feet, here we present them to you.

Bad habits that affect the feet

Know the habits that are harmful to your feet – Wellness and Health
Bad habits that affect your feet.

There are very simple things, that we even execute unconsciously, without any intention of causing damage, but sooner or later they will take their toll.

If you want your feet to stay clean and healthy, avoid the following acts.

Don't wear socks

There are those who find it uncomfortable, others simply do it out of fashion or carelessness, but the sock has a purpose. It helps the sweat from our feet to be adsorbed, and not to come into direct contact with the shoe, it is the equivalent of our underwear.

When socks are not used, the risk of contracting fungus increases. Infections can also manifest, thanks to the greater excess of humidity.

This mostly occurs when closed shoes are worn and is one of the possible causes of athlete's foot.

Not wearing the correct footwear

We are not referring to the size of the shoe, but to the type of shoe that we apply in different scenarios, just as clothes are made for different occasions, the same goes for footwear.

A pair of flat-soled shoes are not the most suitable for walking or running, but sports shoes with a firm and flexible sole are.

In general, when we use shoes that do not adapt to the last of the foot to carry out activities that require effort, this ends up causing pain in the toes, the sole and the heels. This is because the type of footwear does not cushion properly, as it is not designed for this.

There are those who use some type of footwear merely for aesthetic appearance, regardless of whether it favors them or interferes with their rhythm of life, this being the trigger for problems in their feet.

Keeping your feet covered too long

The feet need to be oxygenated, being inside the surface of the shoe all day and covered by the socks, makes them sweat and the weight of the shoe, no matter how light it is, generates fatigue. So when you get home try to take off your shoes, wash them and leave them free for a long time.

It is not bad to sleep with socks from time to time in cold season, but doing it constantly is not highly recommended. This excess of keeping the feet covered for too long is what usually causes bad odor, and infections.

go barefoot at home

Walking barefoot at home is not entirely wrong, if it is done as a small routine when you arrive, in a limited space, it helps to release tension and exercise the muscles of the feet. The problem is that when it is done constantly , sensitivity is lost in the foot.

Walking barefoot also causes us to be in greater contact with dirt and microbes on the ground, and the rigidity of contact with the floor mistreats and deteriorates the skin.

Cross your legs too much and not move

There are those who are used to crossing their legs for long periods, because it is comfortable, but this does not benefit the feet much.

This posture slows circulation, causing less blood flow to them, which causes numbness.

The most advisable thing is to vary the posture, and from time to time move the fingers, and even get up and take a few steps, to avoid them being static for too long and increasing the pressure on them.

dry feet badly

One of the reasons most often attributed to the appearance of athlete's foot is not drying your feet properly after bathing.

Drying must be complete, and especially do it between the fingers, which is where the humidity is mostly housed.

Poor distribution when carrying weight

Most of the time we carry bags or briefcases in our hands when we go to our place of study or work. If the body constantly receives weight on one side, it is not surprising that this causes pain in the feet.

That is why the weight must be distributed, either by sectioning the elements to load them on the back, arms and hands.

wearing high heels often

The appearance of bunions often responds to this bad habit, since high heels are not designed to be worn for a long time.

Its use also causes inflammation in the tendons and pain in the front area of the foot, due to the way in which they support the weight of the body.

Wear very tight shoes

No matter how good the shoe looks, if it is not your correct size you will only cause unnecessary pressure on your feet.

It is recommended to ensure that the shoes are a bit loose, since otherwise they will cause pain, poor circulation and fatigue.


Know the habits that are harmful to your feet – Wellness and Health
Recommendations for the care of your feet.

Taking care of your feet is a matter of attention, you just have to focus on simple details like these to keep them healthy.

  • Cut your nails regularly, but avoid removing the edges so they don't grow into the skin.

  • Apply a moisturizing cream and massage them, so that your skin stays hydrated and soft.

  • Exercise the muscles of your feet throughout the day, compress and release their muscles, this will not take much time and relieve tension.

  • Check your feet daily, examine your toes and the sole, so that any anomaly does not take you by surprise. The bubbles or rashes are often hidden under the fingers or between them and we do not notice them until they are large.

If you intend to go far, then take good care of your feet, since they are the main engine of your success.