Learn about Pterygium and its treatments

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That strange lump that grows in the eye in the shape of a triangle and that extends from the conjunctiva to the cornea is known as Pterygium.

Its formation begins between the eye and the nose, although it has been seen to appear close to the ear and could affect both one and both eyes.

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Symptoms of Pterygium

Is Pterygium Dangerous? The Pterygium Not initially, but if it is not treated in time it can lead to complications. When the formation of the Pterygium is beginning, they usually do not present symptoms.

However, when they become larger, the sensation of pain, itching or having something strange inside the eye begins.

This type of prominence usually swells regularly, causing the eye to turn very red.

In addition, they could trigger other conditions such as astigmatism or reduced vision.

Pterygium treatment

The way in which Pterygium is treated will depend on its symptoms and how it progresses.

Of course, you must always bear in mind that it is advisable to visit the specialist who is the appropriate person to indicate the ideal treatment to follow.

Therefore, if it is small, the patient may be prescribed only medicine in drops that contain a mild steroid, in order to control the inflammation or reddish coloration of the eye.

Another option is to wear contact lenses to protect the bump from dryness.

Also, it can be removed through outpatient surgery, which should not last more than 30 minutes.

But it should be taken into account that, after withdrawal, it could start astigmatism.

Postoperative Pterygium

Once the patient has been operated on for the Pterygium, he will need to wear an eye patch for approximately two days, in order to avoid future infections or complications.

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