Tips to take care of your eyelids

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The products for eye care they are actually products for eye protection. The eye, is the most delicate organ of the human body, since the skin is the largest, but there are hundreds of treatments to cure it, however, in the case of the eyes, it is irreplaceable.

And the eyes are the mirror of our soul. all feelings are reflected in this mirror: feelings, joy, smile, repentance, etc. And the eyelid skin that covers the eyes is a subtle indicator of physical condition.

And, therefore, it reacts with great sensitivity to stress, aging processes and adverse weather conditions. In this sense, the centuries need powerful support in the form of gels, creams, serums, lotions, drops. I remember you read about how to administer medications via otic?

Moisturizing means for the eyelids

These backgrounds saturate the top layer of the skin with moisture and soften it. The composition of most of these medications includes UV filters and antioxidant complexes. They protect the skin from adverse environmental effects and fight unwanted premature aging.

Moisturizing means for the eyelids, designed to support young skin, providing perfect care and protection.

There are many products to hydrate the eyes, it is important to know the need of each person, because while some have excessive dryness, in other cases it is mild. Some diseases how how to treat barley in the eye? they start from excessive dryness in the eye.

Remedies for dark circles under eyes

These funds activate the blood microcirculation, strengthen the capillary walls. The pigment particles that reflect the light in their composition disperse the light and make the dark circles discrete.

The media supports the eyelids, which have a tendency to blue from birth or due to the deterioration of the microcirculation.

They are able to help the eyes, whose hostesses do not sleep enough, like the last companies or cry at night.

Drainage of care products for centuries

Such means activate the blood microcirculation, improve the movement of the lymph, do not allow swelling and edema to develop. The best effect is achieved by applying these agents immediately before going to bed.

If your eyelids are prone to swelling, then it is best to choose creams with light texture. At bedtime, you should dry the skin with a napkin.

It means "anti-stress"

Such remedies combat the negative effects of stress. They eliminate dryness, eliminate irritation, relieve tension, restore and nourish the skin.

These funds support the skin of the eyelid after several stressful influences, such as nervous tension, excessive heat, cold, working hours in a closed room, poorly ventilated or with air conditioning on.

Often these products cause tingling sensations. This is the reaction of the nerve endings to some components of the cream, which can also be used as a mask and applied for 4-8 minutes on the eyelids with a thick layer. Although it is not related, do not forget to read about what is astigmatism?.

Means against mimic wrinkles

Such remedies have a relaxing effect on facial wrinkles, teaching them to "calm behavior"

They have a softening and toning effect. In this sense, fine and not yet permanent wrinkles do not become stable and deep.

These means will support the eyelids, whose skin suffers from intense facial expressions, as well as the skin in the transition age (27-35 years) when its elasticity and firmness decrease. You can expand the information in how to protect the sight?

Anti-aging products

Activate the production of natural components of the skin, your number decreases over the years, because you are getting older.

These funds also stimulate skin renewal processes, tighten, hydrate and nourish skin, strengthen intercellular connections.

The media supports the skin, on which there are already certain changes related to age. The activity of these funds depends on the degree of aging of the skin.

It is not advisable to apply active creams on the skin of the eyelids with a thick layer. This can cause swelling and irritation.

Lifting tools

The media acts on the strengthening of intercellular communication. Perfectly nourish the skin with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. The skin at a certain time gets a fresh and smooth appearance.

These products support the skin of the eyelids, which is somewhat flaccid and has lost its tone, in which wrinkles appear that can be called pronounced. The softer options are suitable for skin that has just started to fade.

Strengthening means

The remedies act on the tone and elasticity of the skin. They activate the production of natural elastin and collagen. Increases the level of skin compaction and hydration.

These products support the skin, which has begun to age. Help in the fight against the signs of age. especially effective in combination with anti-aging agents. Before leaving, read about How to prevent discomfort in the eyes.

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