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Pregnancy and orange peel come together most of the time, regardless of the weight of the woman.

With the changes suffered in the body and all the action of hormones, it is common for cellulitis begin to manifest itself in various parts of the body. However, although many women find that skin problems during pregnancy are common, other women feel discomfort with their own bodies.

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It is an individual matter and each woman feels it in a different way. However, there are ways to prevent the occurrence of this natural process, and then we tell you how:

Pregnancy and orange peel

The orange peel is a change that occurs in plain sight - by the accumulation of fat, water and toxins - causing the tissues to swell and harden and leaving the region with ripples and nodules.

This is manifested, in the outer layer of the skin, by the orange peel appearance. Although by itself it does not cause serious medical conditions, the woman may feel discomfort with her appearance.

These nodules can be classified into types such as mild, moderate and severe.

Characteristics such as the number and depth of depressions, flaccidity and the appearance of the area influence the categorization. This differentiation is done to define the best type of treatment for each person.

However, during pregnancy, the attention must be special and prevent the woman from undergoing practices that could cause a hormonal change and affect the fetus. First of all, let's try to understand the causes of orange peel skin to know what the best method is.

Causes of orange peel during pregnancy

The pre-pregnancy condition is another factor, since the body and health care that the woman had before pregnancy are also determinants for its greater appearance.

Who already had a healthy diet and practiced physical exercises regularly will probably have orange skin in less quantity than one who was sedentary and fed without much care.

Orange skin – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

In this period, the woman's body goes through great external and internal transformations, for example:

Weight gain causes orange peel

Our body needs to be modified to house the baby that grows inside it.

Throughout the gestation, we see a greater extension of the hips, the buttocks and breasts increase, the belly is stretched, the thighs can also increase.

All this is due to evolutionary intelligence: the woman needs to have physical structure and strength to carry a child inside, as well as be prepared for the birth and the baby's lace in the correct position.

It can also happen that the woman is more hungry at that moment, which makes her have a much higher caloric intake than what I would have if I was not pregnant.

Thus, the sum of all this leads to the increase in weight and the appearance of the fearsome cellulite.

Increased hormonal production

In addition to the increase of the belly and the hip, the high hormonal concentration influences the appearance of cellulite. Estrogen, at the beginning of pregnancy, guarantees the fertilization of the ovule.

Over the weeks, it helps to dilate the blood vessels to prepare the body to increase the volume of blood. Another function, not only in pregnancy, is to distribute fat cells throughout the body.

Understand that our body needs a level of that fat so that the organs and other hormones work in the way that is expected. So estrogen is just doing its part to keep us in balance and healthy.

It turns out that during pregnancy it reaches up to 30 times its level, with the consequent increase in adiposity in certain areas under the skin.

Water retention

In the third trimester, retention can also appear at the beginning of pregnancy, depending on the predisposition of the woman. It can be influenced by hormones, which cause an increase in circulating fluids throughout the body and demand a lot of blood vessels.

The growth of the uterus can also compress the veins of the lower extremities, hindering circulation, which causes swelling at the end of the day.

Women who already have varicose veins or greater difficulties in blood circulation may be the main victims of this situation.

Prevention of orange peel

The most famous trio to avoid the appearance and / or worsening of orange peel is constituted by: physical exercises, lots of water and food.

Physical exercises

Physical activity helps in energy expenditure and blood circulation. Of course, at that stage, you will only do what is recommended for your condition, no exaggerations.

But it is very important to keep moving. Some recommended activities are walking, pilates or yoga.

Water and food

Water helps eliminate toxins in the urine and increase blood circulation. Doctors recommend between two and three liters a day. In the diet it is important to avoid a lot of sodium, sugar and sausages, prioritizing foods that have more nutrients for you and the baby.

In pregnancy, not all treatments will be possible. So, before anything, always ask for guidance from a trusted professional.


There are some types of massage that can be done during pregnancy. In general, they are prohibited in the belly region, but other parts such as the thighs and buttocks can be released. Treatments such as mesotherapy they are prohibited in the process of gestation.

Aesthetic treatments

It is possible that the doctor still does not allow the use of procedures in devices that emit impulses.

Then, the form will be to resort to more natural and less invasive forms, such as aesthetic acupuncture that helps reduce fluid retention and increase circulation. However, it must be done by someone you trust and only with the endorsement of the obstetrician.

Pregnancy and orange peel, as you have noticed, can be presented together. However, it is always good to emphasize the importance of taking care of one's health and, with that, weight.

This is a relevant element not only to avoid the increase in cellulite nodules, but also so that you and your baby have an optimal state of health.

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