Ways to eliminate belly fat

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Hello! Today we will discuss the ways to eliminate the obese fat of the abdomen through these incredible foods.

When you find yourself in tremendous straits, like a wedding or the expected trip to the beach, you have maybe a couple of months to eliminate all that superb fat from your abdomen, that at least if you want to wear that beautiful dress for the birthday, your wedding, your trip or whatever the occasion merits.

Ways to eliminate belly fat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

It is something enormously common, at least in the case of women, that so-called tummy or abdominal fat often causes a lot of frustration when an opportunity like the previous one comes along.

Trips to the beach or pool, weddings or birthdays and even wearing a new blouse is simply unthinkable.

In the case of men, abdominal fat, although it does not shock so fatally, usually represents an aesthetic problem at least on summer days, since they simply wish to be the maidens' charmer, not the bear-keeper.

However, the good news is that all is not lost. The theme focuses on whether or not to eat at certain times. Especially carbohydrates, that's the core of the subject.

Carbohydrates in the diet

Well, a small class on nutrition. To shorten everything, it is necessary to understand the principle that it really does not matter what is left or not to eat, the crucial thing is that it is spent more than what is consumed.

Ways to eliminate belly fat – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

And how is the schedule?

Here the following happens, it is not forbidden or sacrilegious to consume carbohydrates after six in the afternoon, the question is that these carbohydrates should be consumed and that takes time.

Also the proportions play a crucial role to achieve the goal.

Ideally, everything is consumed green in industrial quantities, proteins must also be present at least sixty percent, carbohydrates are reduced to thirty percent and finally ten percent fat. Fats should never be absent.

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Diet from the Fridge to reduce abdominal fat

Now, it's true. There are in stock foods or foods that help eliminate abdominal fat, and there are four.

four? Yes, five are the warrior foods in charge that eliminate abdominal fat.

Food # 1 If it is fruit, it is recruited.

Fiber and water, the reason and main combination why this works. Fiber is the great friend of the intestinal processes while water works to make the individual look less bloated while detoxifying. Remember to read about:

Fruits do not go hungry and the absorption of fat slows down. They offer their content in vitamin "C" and the famous flavonoids. Do not forget to read about The best juice oranges

Food # 2 The nuts

The nuts, are elementary in our daily diet. Another presentation of the fiber with extra content, the nuts are great because they contain the wonderful antioxidants, calcium and clear proteins.

Food # 3 Vegetables, are incorporatedit is a fact, if vegetables are mentioned they are grouped with fruits and vice versa.

Their calorie intake is quite low and yes, they also have fiber and therefore they enter the list. If it is necessary to specify, the best ones are those that look like saplings, that is broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and cabbage.

Food # 4 Yogurt, one of the best allies!

And it is excellent news because the truth is mentioned, yogurt is something simply delicious.

Why is it good?

Because it is a specialist in activating metabolic activity thanks to the fact that it has calcium and vitamin "D" that are a key element in it. Its fat content is not from the other world and is enjoyable in any scenario.

The yogurt is perfect, so put a checklist on the list.

3 Reasons why you do not lower abdominal fat

Or, reasons of weight. ¿Why is said abdominal fat and lower abdominal fat generated? what are the causes of the aforementioned abdominal fat?

There is a whole list of culprits.

1. When you do not fall asleep.

why do you usually sneak into the fridge at night? The afternoons are not so great, they generate a metabolic chaos when a hormone called ghrelin is activated and is nothing less than the hunger hormone. That's why the tavern-keepers are born.

2. Do not perform a stretch. the lack of exercise will always be an immense wall between the current state and that yearned model abdomen. Visceral fat is something very hard to fight.

3. Alcohol does not help either. Bad because of its high calorie content, bad for the sleep of a flat abdomen, bad for concentration, bad for the liver, bad for everything.

While it does not even exist in a fairy tale, the diet for the elimination of abdominal fat is based on the above mentioned combined with a lot of patience. Doing something that increases self-esteem will always be worth the effort.

I leave you a video, with an excellent routine to lower abdominal fat in 30 minutes.