Products to disinfect fruits and vegetables

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Today we will talk about Pesticides and 4 natural ways to eliminate them from fruits and vegetables. Eliminating pesticides from fruits and vegetables naturally is essential forstar sure to eat healthy and uncontaminated foods.

Products to disinfect fruits and vegetables – Wellness and Health

The rules of correct hygiene should always be applied so that the fruit and vegetable husks, that are introduced into the body, are free of undesirable substances or unpleasant residues.

Usually, these substances hide in the cortex, and the easiest attitude is to eliminate it all at once. But be careful, even if you want to peel an apple or a pear, for example, of doubtful origin, you have to wash it first, because the contact with the knife can contaminate it.

If it is necessary to use lemon peels or oranges for culinary preparations, it is better to read the indications that accompany these fruits: in some cases it can be specified that the crust is not edible because it has been treated with chemical products.

And that is why the bark should be consumed only when the food is biological or when you are sure that its origin is safe.

4 natural ways to eliminate pesticides from fruits and vegetables

Know, then, 4 natural ways to eliminate pesticides from fruits and vegetables:

Water is the first cleaning

The simplest, but most important, way to remove pesticides from the husks is to thoroughly wash the fruits and vegetables with water: if possible, it would be better to use a little salty water.

This advice is not new, since water is very effective: cold water, Sola, is capable of eliminating four fifths of pesticide residues.

Among the foods that should be washed more than once are tomatoes, pears, peaches, plums, apples and grapes.

Be careful with the salad, which should be washed one leaf at a time. If you want to be safer, you can put the food a little in the steam.

Products to disinfect fruits and vegetables – Wellness and Health

Sodium bicarbonate

Another important ally for the elimination of pesticides is bicarbonate, with which dirt residues are eliminated: sodium bicarbonate is very useful especially for pears, peppers, aubergines and apples.

You can prepare it by mixing a spoonful of coffee water with a spoonful of baking soda: you will get a cream that should be rubbed on fruits and vegetables with a toothbrush, for example.

Instead, small fruits, such as grains of grapes, blackberries or strawberries, should be submerged in a bucket filled with a liter of water and a teaspoon of baking soda. Leave the mixture at rest for 15 minutes.

Vinegar to eliminate toxins

Do not underestimate the properties of vinegar, which in turn can be used to wash fruits and vegetables: in relation to the doses that are going to be used, you should always put twice as much water as vinegar, that is, for every two parts of water, place a part of vinegar.

For example, in a solution obtained with two glasses of water and a glass of vinegar, the food is immersed for at least twenty minutes.

Then you have to rinse them well for a few seconds under cold water to completely eliminate the flavor.

Products to disinfect fruits and vegetables – Wellness and Health

Bicarbonate and lemon: A disinfectant mixture

Last, but not least, to treat vegetables and fruits is what you can prepare homemade, a spray placing: a cup of water, two tablespoons of baking soda and a spoonful of lemon juice.

In this way, you will prepare a kind of perfect detergent to wash food, where you can spray it directly on apples, pears, spinach, salad and so on.

You must let the solution act on the food for about 10 minutes before rinsing them under cold water.

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