Is the avocado vegetable or fruit?

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Often we wonder if the avocado is a vegetable since it has a pulp of a beautiful lemon green color, but do not let it confuse the nutritious and delicious avocado is a fruit.

Is the avocado vegetable or fruit? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Often we do not know the differences between a fruit or a vegetable, which are very easy to observe and differentiate.

Later we will give you all the data and differences between a vegetable or fruit, and we will know to which group belong others such as strawberry, figs.

Is the avocado a vegetable or a fruit?

The avocado is of Mexican origin, and it was the Aztec peoples who cultivated them for decades, their name comes from one of their words "Ahuacate"", Which means the testicles of the tree.

The avocado has a fleshy, soft and oily pulp yellowish green, with a taste similar to the nut and has a single seed with a rounded brown shape of about 2-4 cm.

We do not know for sure whether by tradition or ignorance we believe that avocado is a vegetable because of its sweet taste. Often this presents confusion with the avocado and other fruits of the plants such as aubergines, cucumbers and courgettes that its definition is doubtful because for some they are fruits and for others they are vegetables.

The terms fruits or vegetables do not respond to a scientific name, but to colloquial use.

It is understood as fruit to the edible fruits of a plant (they are the fertilized ovary of a plant and inside it has the seeds).

And the vegetables are any other part of the plant like the root, the stem or the leaves, fit for human consumption. According to these decisions we can say that a tomato is a fruit because it has seed inside and a carrot is a vegetable, because it is the root of the plant.

Is the avocado vegetable or fruit? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Difference between vegetables and fruit

To know what are the differences between a vegetable and a fruit, here we will talk about the characteristics of each, and what are the differences that got us out of doubt.

The predominant characteristic of a fruit is that it has SEED.

How to know the difference between fruit and vegetables is to see where the seeds are

The predominant characteristics of the vegetables are the other parts of the plant that do not have seed, here some examples of vegetables:

  • Tubers: potato, sweet potato

  • Estate: carrot, radish

  • Stems: asparagus, leek

  • Leaves: spinach, cabbage

  • Bulbs: garlic onion

  • Flowers: broccoli, artichoke

With the above described you should think that the strawberry is a vegetable because it has seeds on the outside, but the reality is that it is not a fruit nor is it a vegetable.

The strawberry belongs to the group of the infrutescencias, a fruit that is born next to another one of such form that altogether they seem a complete fruit; It is the result of the fertilization of inflorescences.

Therefore, those yellow dots that grow around the strawberry are actually small fruits, and not seeds as you think.

Is the avocado vegetable or fruit? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Other fruits are included in this classification, such as: figs and pineapples, because they are a set of fruits that grow from a fleshy body.