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Thread lifts: the latest in aesthetic medicine

Ramiro Guzman
6 min read
Thread lifts: the latest in aesthetic medicine – Wellness and Health
Aesthetic medicine continues to take giant steps towards innovating in its treatments

Thanks to advances in aesthetic medicine, it is impossible not to know what thread lifts are. Although it is true that nowadays it is more and more common to hear about hundreds of treatments for aesthetic beauty, not all of them are bad.

When undergoing a beauty treatment in an aesthetic center, it is very important to be informed about its pros and cons. By taking this into account, it will be much easier to determine if it is a suitable option for our needs.

What are the tension threads?

First, it is convenient to know that these aesthetic treatments have become very popular in recent years thanks to the benefits they bring.

However, very few people stop to think about what they are actually applying and what are the contraindications that it could bring.

Thread lifts, as their name indicates, are threads generally used in aesthetic medicine to improve the appearance of the face.

Despite what many think, it is a simple treatment with permanent or temporary results, depending on the material used.

To obtain permanent effects, the specialist uses threads made of propylene that generates a durability of the treatment without harming the skin.

Thread lifts: the latest in aesthetic medicine – Wellness and Health
With thread lifts, a rejuvenated appearance is acquired through a minimally invasive procedure.

On the other hand, for temporary results, between approximately two years, dioxanone threads should be emphasized. This non-polluting material facilitates its decomposition and reabsorption in the body without causing damage to it.

How is the treatment carried out?

As it is a clinical procedure, application by a professional in the area is essential. In fact, the effectiveness and safety of the treatment will only depend on the skills and techniques of the specialist.

The standard means for the diligence of the tensor threads consists of a series of steps that ensure the desired effects on the patient.

  1. First of all, it should start with the disinfection of the face, generally using a product to sterilize the area. In this way, the presence of an infection is avoided.

  2. This is followed by local anesthesia, usually with a topical cream. Once the effects of anesthesia begin to be felt, the threads are implanted with the help of a sterilized needle.

  3. When the threads penetrate the dermis, they spread out like a network. It is there that the correct tension is applied, molding practicality to the individual's face. An innocuous action that is executed in a matter of a few minutes.

Myths about tension threads

As with all aesthetic procedures, there are a number of beliefs that should be cleared up before undergoing them.

The threads must be removed surgically.

Although the action of the threads on the face consists in the formation of a branch, its action does not last forever.

For this reason, they are made of materials that can be reabsorbed by the body without causing damage.

The application of the threads limits facial expression

This is probably one of the most mistaken beliefs regarding this procedure. Like Botox, thread lifts do not produce facial paralysis.

Thread lifts: the latest in aesthetic medicine – Wellness and Health
The tensor threads do not cause abnormalities in the expressiveness of the face.

Its function is to give the face a firm appearance, but with all the freedom to make expressions.

They can only be used by older people

As it is a procedure that consists of firming the face, it is usual to believe that it is only indicated for mature skin. The truth is that anyone over 18 years of age can apply this treatment.

They are visible to the naked eye

This procedure, in addition to being quick and painless, does not cause marks or scars. Together, the threads do not remain with a visible appearance on the skin, so no one will be able to know that they have undergone this procedure.

They can only be implemented on the face

A little known fact about thread lifts is that they can be used anywhere on the body.

With the help of a specialist, this procedure can also be used to reaffirm or reduce flaccidity in the arms, buttocks and breasts.

Immediate results are obtained

Although it is true that it is a quick outpatient procedure, the most evident results will begin to be noticed after a few weeks, once the face adapts to the product.

What are the advantages of the thread lift procedure?

If compared to treatments such as Botox, thread lifts stand out par excellence. Although many people do not believe it, threads can be a better option due to the large number of pros compared to cons.

Firms the face

One of the reasons thread lifts have gained popularity is because of their ability to give the face a firm, youthful appearance.

Thread lifts: the latest in aesthetic medicine – Wellness and Health
Reaffirming the face is the main novelty obtained with tensor threads.

In addition to this, they have an effect that is responsible for contouring the features, helping to obtain a more delicate face.

Prevents the formation of wrinkles

When this procedure is applied at an early age, the formation of wrinkles in young skin can be avoided.

In this same sense, when it is prostrated in mature skin, it inhibits the contraction of the muscles. This helps hide or eliminate wrinkles or folds in crow's feet.

It's cheaper

Being aesthetic procedures to improve appearance, it is not surprising that their prices are high. However, in some countries, compared to Botox, thread lifts are much cheaper.

Outpatient intervention

The procedure lasts no more than 30 minutes. It can even take up to 15 minutes if you are in expert hands. Once finished, no great care is required and you can leave the aesthetic center without anyone's help.

Does not limit the application of other aesthetic procedures

There are more and more cases of people who decide to combine the application of tensor threads with other aesthetic techniques. This is thanks to the fact that it does not imply contraindications in sight that would hamper the possibility of a favorable result.

Does not generate allergic reactions

Like any procedure, it has medical contraindications or in pregnant patients. Despite this, it does not produce allergic reactions or paralysis in the face.