What is Bowen's disease?

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What is Bowen's disease? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

The bowen's disease has a form of carcinoma, presenting in people over 50 years, which can appear anywhere in the mucosa, it can be malignant, it can be difficult and even with dermatological fractures, it can appear in a person of either sex, since there is a great association with the human papilloma virus.

This disease is not caused by genetics or by skin contact, but it can occur anywhere and be considered in the lowest places, warts and scaly sites are the general symptoms of this disease.

The skin becomes sore, itchy and sometimes bleeds, this disease is precancerous, where the lesions are visible on the skin, the greatest risk of suffering from this disease is that patients have already undergone radiation treatment in the area affected, there are fewer possibilities when they are exposed to arsenic elements such as skin lesions, such as multiple skin lesions.

Remendios have a reddish brown consistency with a severe swelling a fine form of dermatitis infection.

Causes of Bowen's disease

This disease is caused by primary lesions, the risk is greater if it occurs to the exposure of ultraviolet rays, people with fair skin who spend a lot of time in the open air are at greater risk than those with melanin pigmentation.

This disease could also be a factor to skin damage, cause inflammation anywhere, and aging of the skin.

Skin inflammations can connect with the onset of Woben's disease.

The scars that they take a long time to heal can induce the risk of Woben's disease.

When melanin and the protective layers of the skin begin to shrink, it could create a risk prone to the development of Woben's disease. These cases mostly occur when the skin is aging.

Symptoms of bowen's disease

The main symptom is a bulging in different parts of the body, it has a scaly, rough consistency and flat patches of reddish color. Ulcer or sore that does not heal is a sigmoid cancer, any change in a mole or wart could be the beginning of a skin cancer.

  • Presence of unique or multiple numbers of irregular patches.

  • It grows very slowly without specific signs.

  • In Bowen's disease, the chances are greater in the lower part of the stretches.

  • Rarely, the patches become sore and what itches

  • Red patches may break or ulcerate at times and often bleed

  • Patches usually appear in areas highly exposed to the sun from the skin

What is Bowen's disease? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Bowen's disease treatment

The treatment of the disease depends on the skin cancer situation, some are usually difficult to treat. The treatment that can work is:

  • Scraped off: cancerous cells are destroyed with the use of electricity, this is used to treat very advanced cancers

  • Cleavage: A scalpel is used to cut skin cancer, then stitched again

  • Photodynamic therapy: it is treated through the use of light that can take advantage of eliminating or preventing superficial cancer

  • Radiotherapy: it can be done if the cancer has diminished in lymph nodes, or if it can not be treated with surgery.