What is Alcoholism?

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This addiction has been very common lately and in turn there are thousands of young people who, as soon as they have a social event, consume a large amount of alcohol without knowing the consequences that it can bring them. In this article we will review this addiction and talk about some important points that cannot be left out.

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Alcoholism is the dependence that a person has on alcohol, which causes them to continually need to drink to be calm. Alcoholism produces terminal consequences in the addict, since it considerably increases the risk of suffering from all kinds of diseases.

One of the problems is that, as in any addiction, the addict does not recognize his dependence on alcohol and that is why he does not stop using it and, in turn, does not ask for the corresponding medical help. This stage is very difficult and requires that the addict be accompanied by a friend or relative so that he can get out of this situation.

The treatment to be carried out on the addict requires time and a good number of specialists both in the physical and mental fields. It also requires that different types of diagnoses and check-ups be carried out in order to know if alcohol caused the manifestation of another disease.

This dependence on alcohol has consequences on the physical, social and psychological levels.

In the physical it is evident, this substance can cause the addict to contract all kinds of diseases, many of them that put their health at risk.

On the social level, since the patient fights with his friends, family and all kinds of people who want to help him, since he does not recognize himself as an addict. And finally in the psychological one due to all the emotional states that this addiction produces, from anger to depression.

As you can see, alcoholism is a serious addiction that requires a specific treatment to be able to help the patient. If you know of someone who is going through this, seek the necessary help.

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¿Qué es el Alcoholismo?
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