Charms of Miami

Miami as many know the city of the sun

Arachely Perez
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Today I decided to talk a little about this beautiful city, the city that has welcomed me and my family and where I feel I live in a constant paradise.

Charms of Miami – WebMediums
"Body of water near of city high-rise buildings" by Muzammil Soorma on Unsplash

Miami besides being beautiful for its beaches and having the most spectacular weather with an eternal summer because it has curious facts and data that you can not imagine: It has the largest number of cruises in the world, this city has everything has incredible beaches, beautiful fields, skyscraper that you lose your look. The truth is that it is a place where your time goes by very quickly, another curious fact is that it houses the largest architecture in Art Deco of the world; It has more than 800 buildings with art deco architecture that are located in Miami Beach which means that it makes it the largest collection of this type of architecture in the world.

Charms of Miami – WebMediums
Photo by Gia33141 on Pixabay

Although it may sound a bit strange, I've been antiquated Miami it has a lot of treasures to discover; pirates like Blackbeard and Gasparilla supposedly left many abandoned treasures in the nearby ocean, we know those who have visited and those who live in Miami Beach that a lot of gold and silver have been found both inside and outside the earth.

Charms of Miami – WebMediums

It is the site of the sunscreen cream: the inventor of the sunscreen was Miami Beach. He was a pharmacist and his name was Benjamin Green and he elaborated this mixture so useful and necessary in 1944.