Bombs sent to politicians and media in the United States, which is known on this subject.

Arachely Perez
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Bombs sent to politicians and media in the United States, which is known on this subject.

The FBI has intercepted suspicious packages with explosive devices to several public figures. Until now it is known that all carry the same sender.

The federal police of the U.S (FBI) investigate from this Wednesday, October 24, suspicious packages sent to public figures and media that are usual targets of criticism of Donald Trump.

Between Monday and Wednesday have been obstructed suspicious packages with devices potentially destructive, in New York, Washington DC y Florida, the envelopes are handles with plastic interior with bubbles, address labels printed on the computer and six stamps with the flag of the U.S.

They all had the same sender: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democratic legislator Florida, and former president of National Committee democrat.

Among the recipients were:

George Soros: the package of billionaire supporter of the Democratic Party, philanthropist was found on Monday at his residence in New York.

Hillary Clinton who was a former Democratic presidential candidate, secretary of state and former first lady also received the same package on Tuesday at her northern home in Manhattan.

The artifact for the former president Barack Obama was detected this Wednesday at his residence Washington DC.

He also received the package on former director of the INC John Brennan on Wednesday at the offices of CNN of New York where he collaborates habitually as an analyst.

Eric Holder who was Attorney General of Obama he also received the suspicious package on Wednesday but not in the address that was addressed, it was in Wasserman Schultz in Florida.

One of the actors that has openly and publicly criticized the president Donald Trump is Robert de Niro who also received the package and was also the last to receive it this Thursday at his home in New York.

According to reports and disclosures of some photos the packages contained small homemade bombs but potentially lethal. Metallic tube with explosive material and shrapnel, sealed in an airtight way at the ends, and detonated by a fuse inserted through a hole.

"Live explosive device"This said the police commissioner of New York James O¨ Neill he also commented that the package contained an unidentified white powder.

In the case of Obama and Clinton the packages were routinely identified in processes that are done in post offices of protected homes.

The recipients did not receive the packages or were at risk of receiving them. He noted in a statement.

It is possible that additional packages were sent to other locations, the FBI. So far there are no suspects the FBI has sent the packages to your laboratory in Quantico, Virginia.

All the recipients up to this moment are democrats criticized frequently by Trump on twitter.