I would not want my son to go through something like that.

Some pizzas, and the worst of the birthdays a child can spend.

Arachely Perez
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This boy called Teddy he was 6 years old, his mother and he had prepared everything with love and well in advance. The boy wanted to celebrate with all his friends from school in a pizzeria, which never imagined that day was so sad for him.

Everything was prepared in the pizzeria Peter Piper, his mother had invited 32 people including the parents of the child's friends, people who never showed up. Teddy he was completely alone with a table full of pizzas and waiting for at least one friend but nobody showed up at the place.

In The image published by a journalist on Facebook you can see the sadness in his eyes, full of disappointment thinking that his birthday would no longer be the special day with which he dreamed for so long.

I would not want my son to go through something like that. – WebMediums

According to statements made by his mother to the chain ABC sent the invitations several days in advance, some people told him they could not go while others directly did not appear for the place.

His mother shattered in pain at seeing his son so sad he asked the journalist Nick Vinzant please congratulate your son for his birthday that his friends had not attended the party. Which the journalist do not doubt even for a second.

Immediately it went viral in the networks and began to arrive messages of encouragement and congratulations to the child, it was so much so that even local televisions took the child again to the pizza shop to return to celebrate his birthday as he deserved it, in fact as all the children deserve it.

His very happy and grateful mother thanked everyone and said he had shown them to Teddy.

Many parents felt identified with the story and even a father wrote that they had gone through something similar with their 6-year-old son, also from the school he had attended only one child but since there was a lot of family he had been a little different.

Happy Birthday Teddy, if you had invited me and my son we would have appeared with balloons and even more pizzas. This was one of the nice messages that they sent him.

Other people said that hopefully and their parents keep all these beautiful messages of encouragement and keep it as a nice memory.

But what the boy never expected that the Phoenix Suns would invite him to watch the game this Wednesday, October 24 at night in the Talking Stick Resort Arena against the Los Angeles Lakers.

In truth this story has moved me a lot I could not imagine the pain and sadness that her mother felt when she saw the face of her little disappointed in that way. Luckily this story had an unexpected ending and especially very happy.