Shakira in Barranquilla inaugurating a new school institution

Arachely Perez
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Shakira in Barranquilla inaugurating a new school institution

Yesterday afternoon the singer Shakira attended the inauguration of a new school institution in his homeland Barranquilla.

In her speech, the singer called attention to the current government because of the constant decrease in education budgets.

The project which is a very important achievement for the neighborhood villas de Aranjuez located in Cartagena will benefit more than 1500 children. For Barranquilla education is the basis of everything (Everything improves when a school is built) this has always been his motto.

Shakira in Barranquilla inaugurating a new school institution

In addition to helping children in his country, he has also helped others in the world with his Barefoot feet Foundation that since its inception was a priority for the singer

As always she was very simple and happy to be able to help hundreds of little ones creating this educational institution. "I am very happy because in this community we have managed to get important support for the school, that is why today is a day of celebration for me and for our foundation. In this community there are 13 thousand families, 7 thousand children and two schools, what do those 5 thousand children who are not in school do?"He expressed ..

The singer wanted to add that "When a new school is built everything improves. A school for good can transform the lives of children, their families and entire communities. We want all children to have access to a quality education, not to leave one out because as long as there are children who do not receive the same education, we can not speak of a country in peace, or equality. "

The exact amount of the budget is unknown, it is estimated that it should be around approximately 10 billion pesos, the resources come from the National Government, local, Shakira bare feet Foundation and its ally, which in this case is Costa cruises.

According to yesterday at the event, the singer said that it is estimated to be finished in the first half of 2020.

Bravo for Shakira and his desire to always support education as it is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.