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Apple could be developing its own foldable iPhone

Guzmán Leal
4 min read
Apple could be developing its own foldable iPhone – Apple Universe
Apple wants to avoid the mistakes other brands made on folding phones.

One of the latest trends when it comes to mobile devices is the return of folding designs, with the difference that they acquire more technology.

There are many large smartphone manufacturers that have joined this style, so Apple would not want to be left behind.

And for the same reason that they do not want to be left behind is that they are not willing to make the same mistakes as the competition at the time.

In other words, the main reason that they have not yet been added to this market is so that your new terminal has the best possible quality characteristics.

What is Apple's delay in launching it to the market?

Apple has always been known for launching quality products, which may well have flaws, but which are almost undetectable to users. Or, failing that, they do not compromise its operation to a large extent.

On the other hand, we know that folding phones are already a technological trend of the moment, but that does not mean that they do not present problems. In essence, it is an aspect that Apple takes into account in the development of its new terminal.

One of the main mistakes they want to avoid making is the issue of durability, as could be seen in the first folding phone. Such is the case with the Samsung Fold that it even had to be withdrawn from the market due to constant failures.

The market

Another reason why we have been slow to see signs of Apple's folding prototypes is the changing technology market.

In this sense, they are waiting for the destination that may bring the new trend in mobile devices like this one.

Indeed, they are looking forward to whether foldable phones will continue to be needed in the long term by people. All, with the aim of avoiding that their terminals end up being discarded due to the obsolescence of their technology.

Apple could be developing its own foldable iPhone – Apple Universe
Conceptual design of what the folding iPhone could be.

In addition, they want to look specifically at each of the terminals of their competence as well as public opinion.

The reason is to avoid falling into the same mistakes and to try to give a more than optimal operation to its users.

The quality

In terms of quality, one of the needs to launch a folding terminal is the change of screen.

Therefore, it would mean a big step back to go back to the plastic material and leaving aside the successful OLED technology, characteristic of iPhones.

There is also the detail of impermeability or water resistance that would lose complete effectiveness with the implementation of hinges.

In other words, it would completely eliminate the ability of iPhones to even be submerged in water by having a great seal.


One of the most attractive aspects of iPhones is their design, and a radical change could be a negative factor for the company.

In essence, Apple seeks to find the appropriate model for the new possible folding terminal without meaning a step back in its current terminals.

All with the aim of maintaining the aesthetics and characteristic style of the brand in order to differentiate itself from its competition beyond its quality.

What do we know about the possible new foldable iPhone?

For now what is known is only based on rumors and leaks from different sources close to the world of Apple. In other words, confirmations or official data are expected from the company in this regard.

However, it is speculated that this new terminal could be arriving by next year 2023 if they are able to solve the durability problems.

Likewise, around 15 or 20 million units available for sale would reach the market. The latter would be thanks to Samsung, being for now the only supplier of folding screens.

Apple could be developing its own foldable iPhone – Apple Universe
Flip phones have been the latest trend in smartphones.

Nor is it ruled out that they could even arrive in 2024, depending on how the technology market moves with this new technological trend. For now, it only remains to wait and be aware of the latest news regarding the Apple world.