Apple plans to use the iPhones to detect depressive symptoms in its users

Alexa Acosta
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Apple plans to use the iPhones to detect depressive symptoms in its users

Apple has focused more than ever in the health sector, and has given way to a system for detecting depressive symptoms in its users. The algorithms implemented will be able to detect anxiety, stress and depression to help in the treatment and prevention of related diseases and protect mental health.

Apple continues to be a company concerned with the health of its users

For several years, Apple has been highlighted by its devices that provide medical data and maintain a monitoring about its users, which has benefited millions of people. Nowadays, the company aims to expand in the field of mental health by implementing an algorithm that detects alarm symptoms.

To detect these signs of depression, two projects will be carried out with different approaches. On the one hand, the seabreeze project will focus on using iPhone cameras to detect facial expressions and associate them with other factors such as:

· Indicators of the way of speaking detected by means of the microphone.

· Speed of the writing of each user detected using the keyboard.

· Data obtained through health applications such as the number of steps, heart rate, among others.

Apple plans to use the iPhones to detect depressive symptoms in its users

In the same way, the focal point is in detecting symptoms of depression and anxiety, when performing a questionnaire about the emotions of people and cortisol levels they produce. In addition, in partnership with the Biogen Pharmaceutical Company, is demonstrated that users with depression or anxiety have a different use of their iPhone.

Apple has managed to develop a much more complicated system than basic health functions in Apple Watch. Especially because mental health has taken priority in recent years, and because the data that is needed to give a diagnosis are much more complicated. Reason why Apple is not enough for the information obtained with the Apple Watch, but it will also add that obtained through the iPhone.

Much more than simple electronic devices, take care of the health of users

Apple plans to use the iPhones to detect depressive symptoms in its users

Even in the recently released iPhone 13, general health care systems have expanded. Especially with the announcement of the Expansion of the new Fitness + service that allows users to perform relaxation and meditation exercises.

The efforts of the company combine with the University of California, in which will use 3 thousand volunteers to carry out stress detection, anxiety and depression tests. The procedure will meet the information obtained through The Apple Watch and the iPhone, and a questionnaire that all participants must complete on how they are currently feeling.

Apart, researchers will measure the cortisol levels of all volunteers, in order to give with an exact and true diagnosis. However, This system is still in its early stages, and we must all expect a few years to enjoy this system of mental health protection and monitoring.