Everything you need to know about MacBook Pro 2021 computers

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Many improvements are expected for the range MacBook Pro, because last year they focused mainly on improving their internal components. Possibly, updates on your card, as already seen in the IMAC M1. There is a great chance that this time we can see the anxiety models of MacBook Pro of 14 and 16 inches for this year. It is even expected a better version of the even lighter and fine MacBook Air.

Everything you need to know about MacBook Pro 2021 computers

Possible launches

Most likely, we will witness an official announcement for the last quarter of this year 2021. In which it is believed to finally debut the MacBook Pro 14-inch we expected in the 2020 where only one update arrived. The 16-inch version is expected for Apple Silicon for this 2021, it is believed that for October or mid-November. Which could trigger the restructuring of the design for these long-awaited models.

Designs and specifications for MacBook Pro 2021 computers

In terms of design, it is expected that the change to a greater 14-inch screen does not affect the size of the MacBook Pro. It is likely that they will offer us a screen with its bezels of a smaller one, giving it a better look. The largest screen almost immediately implies the inclusion of a much more powerful battery and with better autonomy. The inclusion of at least four high-speed USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports is expected. Although we could find us with the surprise that they begin to use wireless and magnetic technology for the exchange of information. This is because most MAC and Apple devices have wireless technology. We hope you take out all the potential to the mini LED screens, which would allow you to have laptops with an even thinner bezel. It is believed that there is the possibility of having a new update of the Apple Silicon chip for the releases of this 2021.

Everything you need to know about MacBook Pro 2021 computers

Everything happened in 2021 with respect to the MacBook Pro

To understand what are the updates that the Macbook will bring at the end of this year we must look a little longer. Since from 2020 the company has been throwing improvements to its teams, which can be pushing us to a technological change. We have heard the rumor of a new MacBook Pro 14-inch from the first quarter of 2020. Each rumor has since triggered a speculation about how this new laptop will be.

January 2020

Just on January 13, the application presentation was detected for a new portable Mac personal computer. What probably ends at the launch of the MacBook Pro that we still are waiting.

March 2020

The Mini LED screens begin to expand within the mark with the announcement of six new devices with these screens. It is stipulated that it is the same type of screen that is used in the new versions, mainly to decrease the size and weight while the definition is preserved and improved. In this same month it was also announced that in the launch of the second quarter of 2020 the keyboard with scissors design would be included. Which date would be the first debut for this type of keyboard for desktop and macbook computers.

May 2020

For the beginning of this month the new update for the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the keyboard that had already been promised. In addition to this, they included tenth-generation processors belonging to Intel. The rest of the improvements are based on the capacity and speed of your RAM memories, and the storage capacity of these MacBook. Which can reach up to 4 tb storage.

June 2020

In mid-June, it was discovered that Apple had begun to move part of the Mac line to Apple Silicon processors. It stipulates that both the MacBook Pro as the MacBook Air are from the first to make the change, although this is just speculation. For this month it is revealed that the new macOS 11.0 would have a redesign in the visual part of the system. It has several new features and this operating system can be executed in both ARM platforms and Intel, something very advantageous.

Everything you need to know about MacBook Pro 2021 computers

July 2020

Earlier this month Apple promised to use Thunderbolt on his Macs with Apple Silicon processors. This is carried out at the same time that it moves away from the technologies used by Intel, which creates uncertainty among buyers. By the end of this month it was discovered that within the Beta macOS Big Sur system code, there is an option that is capable of using Face ID. So it is believed that finally this option will come in the new releases for the MacBook Pro.

September 2020

It seems that the first change to Apple Silicon Mac would be a 12-inch MacBook and not the 13-inch pro as expected.

Last quarter of 2020

It stipulates that the change to Apple Silicon is imminent, and during an event the new MacBook Pro 13-inch. Which has an Apple Silicon M1 chip, the first of its kind, and has the best performance to date. It makes sure that this is the beginning of a huge family of Apple Silicon-based chips, compatible with Thunderbolt and USB 4. In addition to having integrated graphics of great power and 16 cores in the neuronal engine it allows processing more than a dozen billion operations per minute.

First 3 quarters of 2021

Begins to rumored over the using and updating the Mini LED screens for the new MacBook Pro models. It is affirmed that the MacBook Pro 16-inch will come with a processor of at least 16 cores. The presentation of two new Macbook with Apple Silicon is expected for the second half of the year. It is believed that the new processor could be called M1x and that will be included in the MacBook Pro who is expected for the last quarter of 2021.

Everything you need to know about MacBook Pro 2021 computers
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