Second generation AirPods already available

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Second generation AirPods already available – Apple Universe – WebMediums

New H1 chip, "Hey Siri" and case with wireless charging are the main novelties

Manzana you already have in your online store the new AirPods 2, are already available for your reservation for a price of 159 dollars the version with normal box and 199 dollars the most expensive version with case wireless charging, if the reservations will have an estimated delivery date in 3-5 days. Let's review all the details of the new wireless headphones from Apple (AirPods).

Hey Siri, new H1 chip and wireless charging case

Besides new AirPods 2, that Apple has officially named "AirPods", is not the only thing that Apple has launched in its online store. In addition to the Airpods, Apple has launched three different packages to obtain the new AirPods with different prices:

  • AirPods 2 with wireless charging case by 199 dollars.

  • A wireless charging case whose price is 79 dollars. It allows to load the Airpods with any Qi base.

  • AirPods 2 with the original case of the previous generation by 159 dollars.

For these new AirPods Apple has included the new chip "H1", the previous W1 it passes to a better life than those who carried the first AirPods. Apparently this new chip does not bring any important update, since we do not appreciate in the technical description anything that did not have the old chip, we will analyze this in more detail in the future. The new AirPods will require iOS 12.2, watchOS 5.2 y macOS 10.14.4 at least to work in harmony with all your apple devices.

Hey Siri it is already supported by this new generation of AirPods and you no longer need to do the double tap to invoke Apple's assistant. The orders it supports are those of changing volume, passing song, making calls or sending messages, and some other functions, these are the most outstanding. Price, release date and features

Second generation AirPods already available – Apple Universe – WebMediums
Price, release date and features

There has been much speculation about the new prices of this new generation of AirPods and finally Apple puts an end to so much speculation with the publication of these in their online store.

As we have said before, the price of these new AirPods will be between 159 and 199 dollars, from the Apple website itself.

We do not have very clear the exact date of launch but being already available for your reservation and that the waiting period is 3-5 days, its launch is imminent.

The new features of this new generation of AirPods are the following:

  1. hey Siri to invoke the personal assistant

  2. Autonomy of 5 hours and 24 hours with the case

  3. Fast charge in 15 minutes and a 3h autonomy

  4. Wireless charging case compatible with the Qi standard

If you decide to buy some remember that the delivery date is 3-5 days as we have said and it is possible that more if they have too much demand, so you may need a little more patience.

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